Matchmaking And Creating Lobbies On Nintendo Switch Will Be Done Through Nintendo’s Smart Phone App

During an interview with Gamespot the Nintendo Of America president, Reggie Fils-Aimé discussed further regarding the smart phone app that will launch alongside the Nintendo Switch in March. He said the following about the smart phone app.

The smart phone app that we’re creating, that will be part of our online service, we believe is going to be a very compelling part of the overall proposition because that’s how you’ll voice chat, that’s how you’ll do your matchmaking, and create your lobby. We also think it’s a very elegant solution because if you’ve taken your switch on the go, you’ve put yourself in a hotspot, you’re looking at get a quick match of Mario Kart in, to whip out some sort of bulky, gamer headset is a bit of a challenge.

It was not confirmed whether or not matchmaking and creating lobbies is exclusive to the Nintendo smartphone app, but some clarification by Reggie would be appreciated as many are very against this idea if it was exclusive to the app like online voice chat will be.

Do you like the sound of matchmaking and creating lobbies using a smartphone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. If it works, its fine. I’m just God thankful that Nintendo prepped Switch with online on the Go

    • are you ACTUALLY insane!!!!!? loooooool

      • I think he ACTUALLY is

        • he’s got to be lol

          • I think the reason Nintendo are building their infrastructure through a mobile service is so you can have internet gaming (as well as Wireless LAN) on the go.
            Online gaming, almost anywhere. Its a great feature and one i want.

            And from a commercial point of view, Pokemon Go utterly smashed sales records everywhere, that kind of success can be recreated on Switch now too.

          • pokemon go is a completely separate thing entirely and doesn’t compare to what this is at all….

            This is an entire online infrastructure based on a separate platform to function with your system… its counter productive and the reason for peoples angst… Please pay attention to how utterly stupid this idea is! NOT to have a dedicated app for the system that you are going to be carrying around everywhere ANYWAY!! to have you have to pull out a separate piece of hardware to interact with the other! it’s actually just stupid! ONTOP OF THAT it eating away at your data that Nintendo AREN’T paying for! it’s just a stupid STUPID idea!!! loool

          • If my thinking is right, Pokemon GO (as an example) means everything to this.
            I’m only guessing at this point, no one will know till the sys releases, but I was suggesting part the reason why the online system is being built on a phone, is it will make data tethering easier for Switch.
            IF, and only if by chance that’s what it takes to get Swith online in portable mode, then it’s essential. You can’t play Pokemon GO (or anything like it) without mobile tethering. Mobiles are also quite prevalent and mobile networks are pretty solid, may mean more reliable online connections.
            And so if that’s all the case, Switch can run software akin to Pokemon GO who’s sales make the entire library of PS4 and XB1 games put together look like nothing.

            We’ll see how practical it turns out when its out. Handling a 2nd device ? it may just be purely for the connection, who knows, maybe Switch will control certain aspects with the phone in pocket.
            I got an HTC Vive. Ok, you wanna know how inconvenient that is to set up?? how much lounge space it takes up with all that equipment?? how long it takes to start playing a game??

            As for data usage, games don’t consume heaps, and it’s not something you’d depend on all the time, I’m presuming you can use your Wi-fi when you’re at home, and local wireless is another option on the GO.

            Every website I goto spits advertising in my face, who pays for that data usage?? (hint, its not the websites)

          • im sorry but if you dont see how counterproductive it is to have a separate app to handle things that should plain and simply be native to the system then this entire topic is hopeless lool… you seem to be forgetting you LITERALLY are going to be carrying the console with you everywhere ANYWAYS! so to have the party options handle on your phone is fucking stupid and looking online you are in a very VERY small minority that can even fathom this to being a good idea…

            Just as a quick quesiton… with the info they’ve given us on the matter… lets say you’re out in public and are playing a game online (splatoon 2 or Mario kart, seems they’re the only games that will be worth anything online)
            if you’re party chatting using your phone.. you then have to mute your game so the sound doesn’t blast out the system… and if you want to listen to your game you’re going to need have headphones in the system and NOT be able to party chat unless you have a single headphone running from each separate device! how you do not see this entire set up as counterproductive and actually stupid is actually beyond me!

            People dont like having to go through extra hoops… everyone loves things ran natively that’s simple design.. so i dont understand where these excuses are coming from because its Nintendo.!?

          • Yeah, see all your ranting is running off a hellava lot of assumptions that simply has no official answer yet.

            Nintendo never hinted that you’ll be juggling headphones at all. And even Nintendo wouldn’t be that daft to have you trying to drop game sound for chat n vice versa.
            Possibly, the Switch itself will just bluetooth/or wifi stream the infor from phone (Switch is said to sport all the fastest wireless standards).
            The phone and its app in all likelyhood, will probably simply just need to be turned on, the app will recieve and transmit the data via mobile net.
            And all sounds and potentially even chat controls will still be available on Switch.

            The Switch won’t have a SIM (to save massive cost and killing the system). And it can also save Switch RAM and processing by running the online functions on a device that sits in every single persons pocket anyways.

            How this will turn out, no body can know yet. But the potential of Nintendo’s design logic if more than fine, if not utterly effective.

            You however are just spitting trash talk because you hate Nintendo. You sound like a fool lol.

          • loooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so im running on assumptions but you’ve gone on to give NOTHING but assumptions!? are you ok in the head bro..?

            im literally ONLY going off of the information supplied thus far by Nintendo ad i have built the scenario 100% off of that! YOU’RE the one sitting here assuming x,y&z!

            You’re giving Nintendo WAY too much credit.. this is the same company that stated in 2005 that gamers dont care about online multiplayer games and are now charging for a what will sure enough be an underwhelming online service…. look at the ENTIRETY of what the Wii U was… and you;re out here really acting like this isnt a stupid stupid company not capable of more misteps and stupid decisions…?

    • I’m with you. Screw the haters. Console Wars are sad and all this fanboy nonsense on this site is baffling. If this is the way Nintendo decides is best for online on their system then I’m going to use it. Is it ideal? No. But it does allow us to play and chat online as we’ve been asking for since the first Wii while also protecting the younger audiences that Nintendo tends to attract from the horrendous vulgarity of PSN and XBL communities. It’s a compromise and one I’m willing to accept because FINALLY we have real Nintendo online.

  2. That is a flat out lie. The games will have matchmaking like any other game. The smartphone app is for private matches and private lobbies or something else. This must be a click bait site to try to report such idiocy as the truth.

  3. What an absolute disaster. This is an awful idea what are they playing at?

  4. Omg no, just why xD hope it better not be exclusive. Can allready imagine my phone or my data dieing tnx to searching and matchmaking… but now i can guess why it isn’t on the switch itself.

  5. Hey guys should we make our own built in matchmaking service like everyone else?
    Shall we make a godam cellphone app to do it instead?

  6. WoW that is the STUPIDEST idea i have heard
    do a damn app on the switch itself and make a small fee a year then we will “consider” paying for it.

  7. I can see the headaches now…..daddy can i use the tablet/smartphone to play switch.(None of my children have a tablet or smartphone. They will not until they but it for themselves. ) This is a deal breaker for my family.

  8. Wow nintendo

  9. Haha, next they will be announcing access to the Switch store will only be available via a PC running Windows 95

  10. No this is a great Idea. What Nin is trying to do is avoid hacks from the app from inside the system. A smart move to use an outside app like on the smart phone. Smart move if you ask me!

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