Nintendo Switch Case Comparison Shows They Are Almost Identical To PSP Cases

We’ve previously seen comparisons of the Switch and Wii U cases  and we now have comparisons with the PSP case which looks almost identical to the Switch case. As you can see in the image below, the Switch case is slightly thicker but other than that they are very similar.


And here’s a comparison of the Nintendo Switch and 3DS cases.


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  1. And the most pointless article of 2017 so far goes to this site.

  2. And what does this solve? The 3ds could also be called a psp case if so. Its just shy away from the top of it being cut off. See what I did there? But giving how small the Switch games are why didn’t Nin make the box real small?

  3. It has been confirmed that Switch boxes are smaller than PSP. The PSP box is taller. Your comparison is wrong!

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