Pimp My Gaming Setup: How to Make an Enviable Gaming Room

Gaming at your regular desk or sofa can be a little boring. Whether it’s an uncomfortable position you’re sitting in, an irregular desk or perhaps dull decor, there’s always room to improve your gaming setup. Maybe you love inviting friends over to play video games but cringe at the thought of sharing a tiny sofa with them or forcing them to sit on the floor due to a lack of seating. Maybe you’d love to have extra tables so that your friends can bring over their computers or laptops so you can have a LAN party.

Whether you’re a console gaming fanatic or a PC gaming purist, there’s plenty of reason to spice up your gaming room. Turn it into a personal haven of digital wonders or expand it into a gaming room fit for you and your friends. Here are some of the best ways to improve your gaming paradise with projector and make it fit for a gaming king.



Wall Mounting Your TV

Mounting your television onto a wall is perhaps one of the easiest ways to save space in your gaming room. It clears up a lot of space from the floor that can be used to store games, consoles or even chairs. To improve it even further, considering adding some strips of LED lighting behind the television to give it a glowing feel that makes it stand out even when the lights are off. You might also want to mount some external speakers or a speaker bar, and unless you don’t plan to plug in new devices then an HDMI switcher box will be a great addition. A flexible mounting arm is also a good idea if you plan to move the TV around or if you want to plug or unplug devices now and then.

Mood Lighting

Special mood lighting is a great way to set the tone of any room. They could be standard white lights or dark and gloomy red ones, each one creates a different mood for the room and can greatly enhance your gaming experience. Strips of LED lighting are simple but make a room look impressive and stylish. The best places to put them would be behind desks or other large objects so that the light makes the object or area glow. When the ceiling lights are out, switch on the mood lights and you’ll get an incredible sense of immersion while playing your video games.


Comfortable Seating

Sitting for long periods of time can be unhealthy if you have a low-quality chair that destroys your back after a brief gaming session. If you don’t invest in good seating, then you’re going to regret spending long periods of time conquering worlds and slaying demons. Don’t hesitate to look up some of the best PC gaming chairs if you want an unparalleled experience. Your body will thank you later for investing in some quality seating and you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes to have a comfortable place to relax as you play. If your television is quite low, then you could also look into buying bean bag chairs because they mould to your body as you sit into them, making them excellent for lounging. Alternatively, you could invest money into a nice big sofa with comforts like leg rests or a chaise lounge.



Show Off Your Collection

Over the years, gamers will have accumulated hundreds or possibly thousands of games from old school titles on the NES and Sega Genesis to newer consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. Sadly, with the rise of digital downloads, people are buying fewer boxed copies in favour of convenience and space savings, but it doesn’t have to stay like that! There’s no better way to create an excellent gaming room than to show off your collection. Bring out your old games, get rid of the dusty bags and storage boxes and display them proudly on some large shelves and display cases. Most standard bookshelves will house video games without a problem, so don’t worry about getting specific sizes. In addition to displaying your video games, it also makes a great space to show off video gaming memorabilia like rare collector’s editions of your favourite games, figurines and plush toys.

Video Game Inspired Decorations

One of the best ways to show your love for a video game or franchise is to plaster your room full of related decorations. You could hang some gaming posters, use Perler beads to create retro game art to place on shelves and walls, or even buy figurines and toys of your favourite video game characters. There are a lot of ways to spice up a gaming room to give it a proud geeky touch, and you can always resort to your own skills to make some custom decorations. For example, how about using coloured square cutouts to create Tetris blocks and stick them onto your wall for a retro-themed gaming room?

Mini Gaming Computer

PC gamers know the struggle of trying to fit their friends around a small PC screen to play games like Lethal League or Gang Beasts. With devices like the Steam Link available, it’s possible to link your home PC to the TV screen through your home network so you can effectively stream PC games onto your TV. However, it’s not the best solution and it can be slow or blurry due to the reliance on your home network. To remedy this, it might be worth investing in a small PC with the same form factor as a games console. You can build a Mini-ITX PC for relatively cheap and it does everything a regular computer does—it’s just a little smaller. Hook up some Bluetooth game controllers, a wireless keyboard and mouse and a speaker system and you’ll have a multi-purpose gaming machine for your personal use or for when your friends come over. Alternatively, you could plug your main computer into a large TV with the help of long HDMI cables. This way you won’t need to invest in a separate computer.

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