Final Fantasy XV Breaks Sales Records; Pokemon Sun & Moon Sells Over 4 Million

Final Fantasy XV and Pokemon Sun & Moon both had an incredible 2016, with the titles being able to smash their previous records. Final Fantasy XV to start off had the best console launch month in the history of the franchise since tracking the sales of the games started in 1995. Final Fantasy XV also sold 19% more physical units than Final Fantasy XIII in its launch month which is very impressive.

Pokemon Sun & Moon also broke another franchise record as the combined sales of both games are the best that the franchise has done in almost 10 years, and that was when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl launch on the Nintendo DS. The actual sales for Sun & Moon are 4.21 million with Diamond & Pearl selling 4.25 million in 2017. It also has to be mentioned that Diamond & Pearl launched 2 months earlier than Sun & Moon which obviously helped with the sales for the year. It’s very likely that Sun & Moon will overtake Diamond & Pearl’s sales in the same timeframe.

It’s been a great year for Pokemon and Final Fantasy. Do you think the two franchises deserve the success? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Pokemon is pokemon
    Final fantasy was great but the story is just unfinished

  2. I look at it like this, leave out the XO sales & now how much did FF15 really sell? I mean they had to release it on 2 systems to get numbers like this. If it was PS4 only it still would not have sold well. Also FF15 sales is by shipped & sold.

    • lol whats that even mean? XIII was on both PS3/360 and sold like 7million. Now FFXV has sold better than that. FFXV most likely still sold pretty well since JRPGS do not preform well on Microsoft systems.

      • What that means is when FF was Sony only it use to sell more but over time some diehard fans started not to buy FF anymore so sales were going down. Now to hide that SE releases FF on both Sony & MS to make it seem sales are still strong. If FF15 was only on PS4 sales would be half around 2 1/2m or lower. FF over the years has lost sales & if you can’t see that then your a fool that will back up fake numbers.

        • um, no! retail so far has 2.91 millons PS4 copies while there are just 370,000 xbone ones.

          And FF went to the xbox because MS threw a lot of money at them.

          Now, who is the fool with fake nukbers?

    • WRONG! the ps4 version sold almost 88% of the combined retail sales!

      So pretty much the numbers are the PS4 numbers!

    • ffxv did in ps4 1,350,000 and xbox 450000k p4+xbox 1,800,000 in one month
      xv did 54% better than 13 which did 1,300,000 in first month in us

      • It still sold bad. SE had to release it on both systems to get sales that would not be like that if they just released it on PS4 where there are 50m users that are not even buying it. 50 fking users & 1m bought it, lmfao….EPIC FAIL!

  3. I really like how FFXV looks and i was a big fan of the series but FFXIII was so bad that it pushed me away from the series and I am scared to go back.

  4. so we dont get to know how many FFXV were sold?

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