PC Games That Will Rock This Year

We always seem to get caught up in the vast amount of console games out there and forget about the hugely brilliant PC market. PC games are great and can far exceed console titles in performance, graphics and gameplay. There are some awesome games coming out on PC this year that will look and feel amazing and have everything a game needs. So if you were considering making the switch, now is the time. Here are some, yet not all, of the most looked forward to games this year.

Dawn Of War III

Dawn of way defined the RTS genre when it first came out, followed by three brilliant pieces of additional content. It took a different direction with dawn of war II however, removing the bases and focusing more on tactics. The new game returns to its roots. You’ll be able to construct your faction’s bases again and build defenses whilst still keeping the tactical elements that made the second game great. You’ll still be able to keep your heroes, and play as the space marines, orks, eldar to start with, with expected DLC further down the line adding new maps, heroes and factions.



Ghost Recon: Wildlands

This game has been hyped up over the past few months and with good reason. For those fans of Tom Clancy, this game will rock. It follows an elite group of soldiers who are dropped behind enemy lines in a fictional South American country. The beautiful vistas and high effects of the weapon fire and vehicle movements mean you’ll need a top quality gaming PC, but it will be worth it. The game seems to mix free roam with action and lets you do what you want and allows you to complete the missions in a way you see fit. It also has potential to be a great multiplayer game.



Resident Evil 7

The games have waned in popularity over the last few years, and the stories have become increasingly hard to follow. The history of Resident Evil is mixed, with same games being excellent, such as RE4, yet some as disappointments like the last game. That is why they are now changing the story and starting from fresh with a whole new host of characters. The game seems to harkened back to the series’ roots, honing in on survival horror instead of third person shooting. It takes place on a derelict old plantation. The power of PC will really bring this game to life. If you dare, that is.



Quake Champions
Quake was one of the first real first person action games that had everyone talking. Well, now you can relive the old days in this new game that promises to be similar to quake arena. If you’re a quake fan this is a must, but it will appeal to all first person fans and fans of fast paced brutal multiplayer games such as call of duty. The weapons are always overkill, the maps set out over multiple levels and the characters insane. The awe inspiring weapon effects will look great on your PC too.

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