Nintendo Switch Has Incredible Demand In Japan; Online & In-Store Pre-Orders Sold Out In Minutes

Whether it was queuing up outside for almost 24 hours or trying to get a Nintendo Switch online, it didn’t last long for them to completely sell out. Amazon pre-orders went up at 9am in Japan, and it was gone in just 5 minutes, people who waited outside stores all night, didn’t have too much luck either with the console selling their complete stock allocation in just 15 minutes. While demand has been great in Europe and America, it doesn’t come close to how popular pre-orders have been in Japan.

Many gamers in Japan have been left without a pre-order for a launch day Nintendo Switch, which has caused the reselling market in Japan to explode with resellers in Japan already selling the console on Amazon for double the price of the retail price.

It’s not known when Japan or even Europe/America will get a second allocation of stock for beyond the launch day pre-orders but we will make sure to keep you updated on the stock of the console.


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