Square Enix Makes It Clear That Dragon Quest Heroes I & II On The Switch Is More Than A Port

While¬†Dragon Quest Heroes I & II will not look as great on Nintendo Switch compared to the PS4, it certainly shouldn’t be considered a “port” with the new features it brings to the Switch version of the game. One of these features is how the game uses the Nintendo Switch’s HD rumble to bring a new but also interesting way to play the game. Square Enix mentioned for example that if you slash a Slime, the HD rumble will give off a jelly type feel to the controller. If you slash a Golem it will give off a hard vibration.

As for other improvements, the games balance and difficulty level will be adjusted for the Nintendo Switch release of¬†Dragon Quest Heroes. Improved elements that were featured in the second game will also be added to the first game, which is another exclusive to the Switch version of the game, and another reason why it shouldn’t be considered just a port of an old game.

Again, the visuals have taken a hit compared to the PS4 version, but it’s great to see that the game is more than a port and will come with Switch exclusive features. Do these new features interest you? Has it changed your mind on the game, scroll down, check out the comments section for everyone’s thoughts and make sure to add your own too.

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