Resident Evil 7 Version 1.01 Update Goes Live; Patch Notes Revealed

A new update has just gone live on PS4 for the upcoming release of Resident Evil 7. The update is only 806.2MB in size so don’t panic about any large day one updates for now.

Patch Notes includes the following

  • Now supports add-ons
  • New trophies added
  • Now supports notifications of new additional chapters
  • Fixed certain bugs and issues

As said in the patch notes, the update has added support for the first DLC called “Banned Footage Vol. 1” trophies were also added to the update which includes the following.

Dead By Dawn? – Complete Nightmare. – Bronze

Sleepless In Dulvey – Complete Night Terror – Silver

Like Mama Used To Make – Complete Bedroom – Bronze

Ratcatcher – Find all the dead rats in Bedroom in a single play – Silver

Ethan Never Dies – Complete Ethan Must Die – Gold

Unfortunately no further information was given regarding the “fixed certain bugs and issues” so we can’t say what has actually been fixed.


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