Five Upcoming PS4/Xbox One Consoles Exclusives We’re Not Sold On Just Yet

The PS4 and Xbox One both are releasing some promising exclusives this year. The PS4 and Xbox One exclusives being released this year include New IPs, sequels, and even trilogies. There are many terrific titles, but some games such as: MLB The Show 17 and Sea of Thieves still raise some concerns.

#5  Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix (Playstation 4)

It is easy to pick on an HD remake, but with the huge following that Kingdom Hearts has, it is no surprise that this is still a hotly anticipated game. The 1.5 & 2.5 Remixes have already been released on the PS3, so no new content is really being included in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix. This game also releases just a couple of months after Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Square Enix please just give us Kingdom Hearts III!

#4  Sea of Thieves (Xbox One)

Sea of Thieves has enormous potential, and is a unique IP, in a time with very few pirate-themed games. The co-op gameplay looks amazing and is sure to keep groups of friends entertained. A worry is that gamers who enjoy playing solo, or do not have friends who have the game, may not have much to do in Sea of Thieves; alienating a portion of gamers will not bode well for sales or community support. The gameplay of settling sail, treasure hunting, and shooting cannons at enemy ships looks like tremendous fun, but gamers may quickly find themselves bored if those are the only few activities that they can partake in. Surely more features will be announced as it nears its release date, hopefully Sea of Thieves surpasses everyone’s expectations.

#3  MLB The Show 17 (Playstation 4)

MLB The Show has made massive amounts of impressive updates over the past few years, but the trend seems to be in danger of ending with this year’s installment. The Show releases in just a couple months (March 28), but they have yet to even post the new features for the game on their website. Sony Interactive has revealed that this years installment will include an enhanced story mode, improved stats, and “retro mode” . At a time where gamers are expecting massive updates from even sports games, features like improved stats and being able to play in a “retro mode” will unlikely yield positive results for The Show this year.  

#2  Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One)

Halo Wars 2, releases in just a month, but you wouldn’t be able to tell due to the lack of anticipation behind the release. Even though Microsoft claims that a large amount of gamers still play Halo Wars on the Xbox 360, Halo Wars 2 was not a title that gamers were clamoring for. A great appeal of Halo Wars 2 is the competitive gameplay, which could easily be an e-sports favorite. Unfortunately, Creative Assembly did not develop this game for the purpose of e-sports; to their defense they stated that they would be ready to support it, but they did not want to go into development with the mindset that they were creating an e-sport game. The always dreaded micro-transactions will be implemented in Halo Wars 2, the last thing a competitive game like this needs, is a “pay-to-win” route for gamers. Disappointingly, It was also announced that Halo Wars 2 will not have HDR support on the Xbox One. Hopefully Halo Wars 2 can live up to the Halo name, but it is hard to imagine that RTS fans will be running to the store to buy this title.

#1  Crackdown 3 (Xbox One)

The team behind Crackdown 3 has been relatively quiet and typically in the gaming industry, no news is bad news. There have been recent concerns (especially after Scalebound’s cancellation), that Crackdown 3 would also be getting the axe, since most of its lead developers had moved on to other projects. The destructible environment is being heavily advertised by Microsoft and it is the only new feature that has gotten much attention. The problem is, multiple games have already featured destructible environments (Battlefield 1 did a tremendous job), and the fact that Crackdown 3 seems to be relying on this sole feature is worrisome. The information that has been announced in regards to the campaign outlines a lackluster story, which is the same issue that Crackdown 2 suffered from. Time is running out for Microsoft to make further announcements in regards to Crackdown 3, especially if they are going to be sticking to their 2017 release date.

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  1. WTF!!!! Hahahahahah…… So basically all the big Xbox One Exclusive games this year.

    This site has become a joke. I’m not sure if it always was but this article and a few other recent ones are just just bad.

  2. Mlb the show? Lol its the only real option on current gen for baseball fans so no, it wont suffer at all. They make the best baseball games ever made so each year less and less needs “improved” upon. Only stats, rosters and miniscule facelift upgrades are to be expected from here on out.

  3. More pathetic articles from Hirai Worshiping Sony Die-Hards. Scorpio got you all scared!!!

  4. Kingdom Hearts?

    It’s Kingdom Hearts. And like, 4 full games (and two really dull “movies”) for $50. What’s not to be sold on?

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