5 Reasons Why It’s Crazy To Count Out Console VR So Soon

It is no secret that the Playstation VR headset has not done well in sales since its release. VR for consoles is a new concept that will take time to refine and master. The PSVR is suffering from lack of games and other features. The increasing amount of VR Support, addition of YouTube 360 videos, the upcoming release of the Xbox VR, and current VR games in development, are the five reasons why it is crazy to count out console VR so soon.

#5 PS4 Pro

More gamers will either be upgrading or purchasing to the PS4 Pro this year, which has been shown to offer tremendous enhancements to the PS4 VR experience. The Playstation VR, when used with the PS4 Pro, creates a sharper image even though the 4K resolution is not displayed through the headset. The PS4 Pro improvements to the VR will be sure to attract new gamers to the VR headset, especially once more games are developed for the technology.

#4 VR Support

As time goes on, more and more games will begin to support VR. This year will feature several games that will support VR. For example, any gamer who is looking to be scared out of their mind, the entire Resident Evil 7 story will be playable through the PSVR headset. Gran Turismo Sport 2017, also announced that they would be incorporating full support for VR. Tekken 7, will also incorporate VR, and while you will not be fighting in Tekken using the VR headset, you will be able to customize and inspect all of the Tekken 7 characters through the PSVR.

#3 YouTube 360

Earlier this week, it was announced that PSVR would support YouTube 360 videos. There are many fascinating 360 videos on YouTube, such as an encounter with Great White Sharks and this interactive Paranormal Activity. Many YouTube users and companies (UFC, NFL, etc.) are releasing 360 videos and the trend only seems to be increasing. This is not a huge feature, but it shows that Sony is looking to improve the PSVR offerings.

#2 Xbox Project Scorpio

Hopefully Microsoft will shed some greater light on the VR that they are developing along with the Xbox Scorpio at E3. It is still unclear whether Microsoft will partner with a current VR system (Rift or Vive) or if they have been developing their own VR headset. Scorpio is set to offer the best VR capabilities of any current console, only rivaled by PC Virtual Reality capabilities. This is significant, because now that an Xbox console will have VR capabilities, Microsoft can begin (if it hasn’t started already) developing VR games. Can you imagine a Halo VR game? riding around in a Warthog shooting up grunts. The Xbox VR may even light a fire under Sony to finally develop a must-buy VR game. Microsoft already has experience working with high-end VR for the PC, hopefully that translates into a successful launch of their own VR technology.

#1 VR Games in Development

None of the available VR systems have been able to develop a must-buy game, which has led to the majority of gamers opting to save their money until better quality VR games are available. The current games available for the VR systems (PSVR, Rift, and Vive), are basically glorified demos that are being called games. Third-party studios are not rushing to develop games because of the slow start that the VR systems had. With all that said, many studios have VR games that are currently under production and quality VR titles should be releasing this year. Dino Frontier VR and Farpoint are just a couple of promising PSVR games currently in development. VR is a new technology for not only gamers, but developers as well, and it will take time for studios to discover how to create a must-buy VR game.

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  1. #6 Gamestop has them in stock, right now. Just ordered mine! Only 3 left at Amazon 1/23/2017 9:42 EST. Amazon’s are not the standalone headset, but a bundle (not from scalpers.)

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