Another Xbox One Time Exclusive Flops, It’s Time For Microsoft To Ditch Them

Dead Rising 4 sold about 203K units in its first week of release last month. For those, like me, who don’t know what Dead Rising 4 is about, its an open world survival horror zombie apocalypse time-exclusive for the Xbox One and Windows 10. For those asking, what is a time exclusive? Before writing this article, I had to look and see for myself what a time-exclusive was. Well, a time-exclusive video game is video game that is only on one gaming system, like Xbox One or Playstation 4 or PC, for a certain amount of time before it is released on the other consoles. After reading about it, I had knew all along what a time-exclusive was but I just never called it that and never really had a name for it.

Since Dead Rising 4 is a time-exclusive for Xbox One, once it hits PlayStation and any other consoles, hopefully the sales numbers will go up. Dead Rising 4 hasn’t been the only time-exclusive for Xbox One. Another big named game that was a timed-exclusive for Xbox One was Rise of the Tomb Raider before it was released on PS4 almost a year after its release on Xbox One.

What is the point of these time-exclusives if only they are going to be released on the other consoles within a year or so of it being released on that one console?  If the publishing company knows that the game they are making is a big name game and that it will sell, like Tomb Raider and Dead Rising, why keep it on just one system for a year or however long before they put it on the other system and the game can actually sell more during the first week or month of it being on both systems then just splitting up the release dates for each system?

With poor sells numbers for Dead Rising 4, it shows that time-exclusives, if anything this particular time-exclusive, don’t go well. Microsoft (and Sony too, in my opinion) should do away with timed-exclusives. If a publisher is going to do a timed-exclusive, it would just be better to wait to release it on both PS4 and Xbox One and just do beta testing on both to work out the bugs and glitches and when the time is right, then release the game.

With the time-exclusives, it just seems like they are the beta testing and shows how well a game would perform when it is released on the other consoles. When I mention the beta testing, I mean by the time the game is released on the other consoles, the majority of the bugs are already or should already have been fixed. Of course there are updates to fix those bugs on the original console that it was released but hopefully its not the same as those bugs not existing when the game comes to the other consoles.

Also, to me, it seems like with time-exclusives, it might bug some who are waiting for the game to come out and have to wait another year before they can actually sit there and play it unless if they buy the console that it was original released on or just sit there and maybe forget about the game by the time it does come out or wait till it does come out.

But Microsoft (and Sony) should just dump the whole idea of time-exclusives and either release the game on both Xbox One and PS4 at the same time after lots of beta testing and fixing the majority of the problems before hand and then release the game or they should just make the game a console exclusive and not release the game on the other consoles.

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  1. Calm down Trump.

    It’s not her fault the XBOX One is failing left and right.

    • You really need to work on your trolling.

      If you made your bigoted comments more subtle it makes the flaming much more fun.

      Now get back to class, lunch time is over 😉

    • Xbox1 sucks monkeyshit, face it you cocksuckingfaggotsonofabitch

  2. Wow buddy, you need to take a deep breath, and count to 10…

  3. Ah yes the internet tough guy, strong little boy behind his keyboard. Its going to be fun making you look silly. Actually Dead Rising is coming to the PS4 at the end of the year so before you post something that makes you look as stupid as you sound you might want to do your research first mmmmmk.

    • Lol, ok sunshine, whatever helps you sleep at night.

  4. It has nothing to do with being a timed exclusive….. DR4 changed the
    core game mechanics(no timed missions, no escorting, no deranged manic
    bosses, less emphasis on story and more on exploration, no resource
    scarcity. It basically became a zombie action Vs. a zombie survival ) to
    appeal to the masses and lost their core following.Recore….looked
    good but played like a PS2 platformer (FYI the game was incomplete too) I
    cant speak for Quantum as i have not played it….( the TV tie in is a
    turn off for me and many of my friends).

  5. I am still not sure why gamers get angry at each other.

    • 1. They are really mad at their mom but they don’t dare say anything to her.
      2. They naturally blame anyone but themselves for loosing that last multiplayer quest.
      3. They don’t get no real loven’ and their goat ran away.

  6. Didn’t you losers say that about RoTR yet that came to PS4 and apparently helped SQEnix make a profit, something it did the complete opposite on for the XBONE.

    Beat it.

  7. No man sky was developed by a indie company. I guess they are comparable since there’s nothing on Xbox that can compare to the giants like horizon and last of us, etc.
    Well unless you gonna be talking about Xbox games like halo, gears and forza.

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