Five Great Games That Should Come To Backwards Compatibility Before Black Ops 2

We have all seen the desperate cries to see Black Ops 2 within the backwards compatibility program. With it having well over 200,000 votes, it is currently the most voted game to be entered into the backwards compatibility program. However there is many other games which would benefit the backwards compatibility system more and there’s many games which need to be added to the program before Black Ops 2. So we will be looking at 5 great games that need to be added to backwards compatibility before Black Ops 2, in no particular order.

1. Tom Clancy: H.A.W.X

The Xbox One is currently seeing a lack in Tom Clancy games and aircraft-fighting games. This makes Tom Clancy: H.A.W.X the perfect game to be added to backwards compatibility. This may not be the most popular game that people want to see, but it was certainly a great game of its time. This game would be a great addition because we really need to see more of the Tom Clancy series on the Xbox one. This could be a possible game we see on the Xbox one because we have already seen some Tom Clancy games added to backwards compatibility, so lets hope this one makes it.

2. Need For Speed Carbon

Need for Speed is another game series which we haven’t seen enough of on the Xbox one. As of now, we currently only have one Need for Speed on the Xbox one. So some of the classic Need for Speed’s would be amazing to see, and more specifically, Need for Speed Carbon. Most people would disagree by saying that Need for Speed Carbon isn’t the best Need for Speed and that Need for Speed Undercover 2 is the best. However, my opinion is that we need to see Need for Speed Carbon again. If we end up seeing this game added, who knows what it could lead to.


Another classic game we need to see on the Xbox one has to be GTA IV. I think this because GTA is another game series where it is currently lacking games on the Xbox one. Of course, GTA IV would be another game to the series. We know that Rockstar supports the program since we have seen Red Dead Redemption added to backwards compatibility. So unless Rockstar has other plans for this game, it would be nice to be able to finally play this game again, but this time on Xbox one. I think we have a higher chance of seeing GTA IV being added to backwards compatibility than the likes of GTA San Andreas. This is because I feel like Rockstar know that they will make more money off remastering GTA San Andreas, which is why we won’t see it added.

4. Sniper Elite V2

With the upcoming release of Sniper Elite 4 on the next gen consoles, it would be a great idea to bring Sniper Elite V2 to backwards compatibility. This is because it would mean that the whole game series would be available on the Xbox one, allowing you to get the full experience. Another reason why this would be a great idea is because it has been a game with gold in the past. This means that most people already have the game and would be able to re-play it (however this could also be seen as a bad thing). I think that this game would be a good addition to the backwards compatibility program because it would be nice to go back and replay the game, preparing myself for the upcoming release of Sniper Elite 4.

5. Battlefield Bad Company

This game would be a great addition to the backwards compatibility program because we recently saw Battlefield Bad Company 2 added to the program, with the lack of the first one. This could mean that it is coming to the program soon (maybes with games with gold) however, EA could have other plans for the game. It would be nice to have the game in the Xbox one backwards compatibility program because it would allow you to play the series from the start. We also saw the addition of Battlefield 3 into the program. With the Battlefield games being published by EA, it means that all users of EA Access will be able to play these games for free. This would mean that even if you don’t own Battlefield Bad Company, you could still play it for free, providing you have EA Access.

So those are 5 games that I think we need to see added to backwards compatibility before we see Black Ops 2. Some of those choices are opinions, so some people may not agree. If you don’t agree with one of these choices, comment down below what game you disagree with and what game you would rather see instead of it.

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  1. I’d love to see any of the FEAR series, FF13 or tales of Vesperia

  2. SFIV and/or SSF2T:HD Remix would certainly make sense seeing as how SFV is “never” coming to XB1. At least throw us a bone ya know

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