Nintendo Switch Online Matchmaking Can Be Done Through The Console; Mobile App Isn’t Required

A post from Gematsu that detailed the features of Ultra Street Fighter II, an upcoming title for the Nintendo Switch. The article detailed online battles, and from the details given it looks like online matchmaking can be done through the console.



Quick Match – Searches for players able to fight without setting any conditions.
Custom Match – Set conditions and search for a player that you want to fight against.
Create Match – Create a lobby where you set the battle rules and such, and wait for the players that you want to fight against to join.
Friend Match – Searches for players that you can fight against now from your registered friends list.

As you can see from the above details, it sounds like you can do online matchmaking from the Nintendo Switch console, and must also mean that the app matchmaking is either an optional feature unlike the voice chat or it could’ve been a mistake by Reggie who confirmed this in a recent interview.

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  1. Let’s get voice chat freed up from the mobile app shit next.

  2. I don’t really mind the app for voice chat on a personal level because I don’t do many party chat so online. Freeing the matchmaking up from the app sound so ideal though.

  3. The fourth multiplayer option says ローカル通信対戦 (local tsuushin taisen) which means “Local Communication Battle”, that is, other Switches nearby you physically. It doesn’t say anything about online battles over Internet with arbitrary Nintendo players.

  4. Good. I was worried there for a second. lol

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