Nintendo Switch’s Rumored 4K Dock Could Be What is Needed for Nintendo’s Next Console To Be Taken Seriously

Rumor has it that a 4K dock for the Nintendo Switch is planned further down the line. With the PS Pro out now and Xbox’s Project Scorpio coming soon supporting 4K gaming, Nintendo adding 4K support could be a valuable decision that might just help the Nintendo Switch be taken seriously as  a competitor with Xbox and PlayStation. While the rumors of a separate 4K Dock being unlikely, a separate device that adds 4K capabilities has also been rumoured, either way 4K gaming is the next step in the industry and should be something Nintendo look to invest in as to not be left behind again.

The Wii U was desperately underpowered compared to the Xbox One and PS4 and has been deemed a failure by most so Nintendo are in a situation where the Nintendo Switch has to succeed or risk traveling down the same destructive road of SEGA and the SEGA Dreamcast. While I don’t believe that will happen, I do believe ignoring the direction gaming is traveling with 4K would be a big mistake and would lead to a shorter life span for the Nintendo Switch.

Why bother with 4K Gaming?

Put it this way, if you are planning on purchasing a TV in the near or distant future it is most likely going to be a 4K TV these days as they push out the older technology. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your games won’t look great on a 4K television but what is the point in having technology to deliver crystal clear graphics that can seriously dazzle gamers if consoles will not cater to them.

Lets face it, looking back before HD gaming, graphics were seriously underwhelming (even though appeared top of the line at the time) so the logical way forward is to embrace the latest technology (4K) and deliver the best gaming experience to gamers.

But isn’t 4K expensive?
Like LCD, LED and Plasma televisions, when 4K televisions were first made available for retail the price could be quite staggering. The good news though is that 4K televisions are very affordable even with the bigger brands such as Sony and LG with a 43′ Sony 4K Smart TV costing under £500. In the next few years 4K televisions will be in most houses around the world and Nintendo have to make sure the Nintendo Switch continues to be relevant to other gamers and not just for all the loyal Nintendo fans.

Is there really a difference?
 If you are asking this question then you obviously haven’t experienced 4K Gaming in full. The short answer is a big fat Yes. The difference is stunning, 4K isn’t just about upping the game in the resolution department but also increases frame rate which is a big bonus when it comes to gaming. When I have asked people their thoughts on 4K televisions and 4K gaming there has been a similar response from most, “its just a gimmick, like 3D tvs.” I promise you, this is not true. Not only is 4K gaming about to explode but so are tv shows, live sports and internet streaming.

But are developers going to embrace 4K?
Put it this way, developers (the majority of the time) are in their line of work because they are passionate about making games to the best of their capabilities. Hand that developer the ability to create better, beautiful games with higher frame rates and that developer is likely to bite your hand off and deliver just that.

Not only that but games are already  available in 4K on PC and on PS4 pro. Nintendo can’t afford a situation where developers and publishers choose not to launch their titles on the Nintendo Switch because they have been left behind by Xbox and Sony again. This happened with some games on the Wii U and is part of the reason it failed.

While the opportunity to deliver 4K Gaming is important it isn’t urgent as true 4K Gaming still hasn’t fully arrived  on consoles but it is something Nintendo should start planning for if they haven’t already. 4K Gaming is the future, Nintendo needs to board that train or risk being left behind.

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  1. This could be a game changer for Nintendo if it turns out to be true. I personally get a Nintendo console for exclusives but for anyone who plans on playing 3rd party games then this is awesome. It is either way, but especially for those people

  2. That’s a cool rumor. I hope it happens. However, the PS4, as you sort of mentioned, mostly just upscales graphics. Not true 4k. Honestly, even the Scorpio, which will blow the PS4 specs out of the water, is maybe able to render half of what you could get out of a top end PC and since neither system supports much local muliplayer, the sweet spot is just building (or buying) a gaming PC and using Steam or the Xbox app (with chat!). Then getting the Switch for a truly unique addition to your gaming experience (which supports loads of local multiplayer, portability and unique AAA titles). 4k would be a welcomed bonus, but not much of one until 4k is truly affordable. Right now the budget 4k TVs aren’t great for gaming. From lag to jutter to motion blur and poor upscaling, it’s tough to spend less than $1000-$1500+.

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