What Can Developers do to Increase the Longevity of their Games?

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GTA V was released in September 2013 and, with more than 70million copies sold worldwide, it is one of the most successful games of all time. Nearly three years on, it still had over 8 million players logging on logging on and playing GTA Online each week. The online mode became a game in itself, with constant updates and limitless things to do in the fictional world of Los Santos. Rockstar North’s epic is, unfortunately, one of the few games that has managed to attract gamers for such prolonged periods. So what can other games do to increase their shelf life in the same way?

As developers make console games even more expansive and epic by the year, they need to work harder to make them more engrossing to keep players involved and wanting to complete the story. A prime example of a game that didn’t do this was the latest Metal Gear.  Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was the first open world offering of the popular series from Konami, and few will argue that the gameplay was amazing and well varied. But the epic stealth quest received heavy criticism for having a weak storyline and there not being much point to any of the missions. This led a lot of players to get fed up and not bother completing the story mode.

The Punished “Venom” Snake adventure did try to entice players back each day with daily rewards such as money to spend in the game, but these bonuses weren’t exciting enough to compensate for the unengaging story. Games like Metal Gear could look to online casino reward schemes for inspiration to encourage players to return day in, day out. This review details how Mr Green gifts customers a unique “Wolf Pack” promotion that gives them free entries into their wolf range that includes Wolf Rising, Wild Wolf, and Wolf Run. Other sites offer deposit match bonuses and free spins. Metal Gear and other games could perhaps enhance their daily reward system by giving players the chance to spin a wheel to reveal a particular bonus, from in-game money to top of the range weapons.

Another thing that GTA V did to increase the amount of time players wanted to spend in the game was to offer a wide range of different gaming experiences in the same virtual world. If players wanted to take a break from the missions, they could play tennis, do yoga, play arcade machines or take flying lessons. This varied gameplay is something that other games should look to emulate more.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt took inspiration from this, and introduced a highly entertaining card game called Gwent that players could master between quests. Beating renowned opponents and collecting all the cards added another dimension to the game, and encouraged players to see out the whole story.

In this competitive gaming market where top games are coming out each month, developers need to work harder than ever to provide lengthy experiences for players. Constantly updated and intricate online modes, clever and fun daily reward schemes, and side-games within the game all contribute to increased longevity.

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