Could Sea Of Thieves Be Microsoft’s Hidden Treasure?

With the latest news about Microsofts recently cancelled exclusive “Scalebound” many wonder what Microsoft is actually going to do. Well they still have at least one hidden treasure that could possibly keep them alive this year. That being said, Sea of Thieves does look quite intriguing. The original reveal of the game happened at last years E3, during Microsofts show. Its saturated environment brought life to its cartoon art style. The main focus presented was getting the chance to travel on the sea as a pirate searching for treasure. This will be accompanied with the ability to explore and play with friends while fighting other pirates as well.

With what has been presented, it seems this game could possible save Microsoft, from the lack of exclusives on their console. It is coming to PC, but seems that the chance to present this as a major selling point of the Xbox One is important and could drawn in new gamers to their console.  Already drawing in massive amounts of support for the private technical alpha back from December of last year. Although Microsoft has not focused heavily on advertising the game, it still may become a great success. Thus, I believe Microsoft should change their tactics on this exclusive. Although it might not be graphical astonishing in many standards, it could be something Microsoft could use as advertising for their Project Scorpio.

Its all something that should be taking into consideration. Even not being advertised for the Scorpio, they need to boost up the public eye by using Sea of Thieves as primary console seller for this year. Looking at statements from Microsoft, it must be noted that Gears of War, nor Halo will be something Microsoft will presented this year as something to get console sales moving. With the big franchises that Microsoft is know for not hitting the selfs this year, something needs to take such place. Sea of Thieves is perfect for such a position. For starters, it is something different for Microsoft. This game will give a new mix of life to their consoles and PC. Having the same thing each year will result in lower sales, from new consumers.

Seeing that although Sea of Thieves is not your average game will show Microsoft supports diversity for its players. In a sense they need to change their marketing method, from being the most powerful to being someone who cares more about gameplay rather than graphical fidelity. Such methods could boost console sales and result in a better year for Microsoft. With the lost of Scalebound, they really don’t have much to pull consumers to their console.

This is why Playstation 4 sales have been exceeding in the past months with Sonys exclusive “Horizon Zero Dawn” becoming closer to release. Lets hope that Microsoft will come to their right minds and present a new method to marketing their much needed exclusives, such as Sea of Thieves as one. From the gameplay presented, to the intriguing art style, its shaping up to be a hidden treasure that Microsoft is is stashing away. Its one of the games that you must keep a close eye on. Until then, only time will tell what Microsoft has in store.

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  1. I cannot wait for this title to release. I’ve always wanted to be a pirate.

  2. I have said this before and I will say it again.. The Xbox One and MS problem is the gaming media. Sony does nothing that hurts the Xbox One. The real enemy is the gaming media. Since before the launch of the Xbox One the gaming media has burdened MS with negative news and spin. The console has never had any period were in the information highway it was used and appreciated on its own merits as its own machine.

    As an Xbox One owner I have been playing tons of great game this gen and enjoyed my time with plenty games in a backlog so this idea the console has nothing is more of a lie. If someone is buying an Xbox One for the first time dont forget all those games that came out before are still there. Having more games dont equate to better. Sea Of Thieves is the first console orientated MMO ever. You would think the gaming media would be more excited by this. But they are too busy trying to anchor the excitement instead of fan the flames.

    Until MS does something about the bias poisonous gaming media the Xbox will always be second guessed and hampered. This same site just did a article a few days ago about how you shouldnt be sold on Sea of Thieves.

    • LOL. Buddy, the “gaming media” didn’t pull a Don Mattrick and torpedo the thing before it got off the ground. Microsoft, and Microsoft alone, is responsible for it’s demise. Many movies get horrific reviews, but somehow they still manage to make hundreds of millions at the box office. If consumers actually liked, or preferred, Microsoft’s hardware and software offerings, it wouldn’t matter one bit what the “media” had to say….the games and the hardware would speak for itself. Stop making excuses, take the tin foil hat off, and step into sunlight. You’ve been in your basement far too long.

      • Actually the gaming media crucified DRM for months before the Xbox One was announced and never linked it to Ps4 at all. They were just drilling in the cons of it then when E3 came around they kept badgering everyone about always online and DRM. Thats when D. Mattrick said the we got a console for you line. Even at that point the true nature of their DRM wasnt even known or finalized. They were trying to set up a family share system and retail digital trade in system. The ironic thing is most of the big games this gen are always online titles.

        We live in a time of information and as sad as it is to admit people dont really think for themselves as much as they should. Xbox and MS are actually selling really well and doing really good its just the Ps4 is doing so much better. The media has created a constant culture of negativity around the Xbox One. I have an X1 and enjoy it and plan on continuing to enjoy it. People act like this is not possible or that you just cant.

        When people start talking abut tin foil hats I always say…… The question is not whether there is a media bias against MS or not….. the question is are you a c$%ks%$king f@%$ot? Because there is clearly, 100% undeniable instances of these practices and double standards. Only a c$%ks%$king f@%$ot would deny the reality.
        So the question is are you a c$%ks%$king f@%$ot?

        • Tin foil hat. Basement. Escape them both b4 it’s too late for you.

          • So to be clear your answer is

            c$%ks%$king f@%$ot

  3. How many times are we going to trot out this outlook on what Microsoft has/is doing. It’s always, “Halo will be the game”. Then it was, “Quantum Break will do it”. Next, “Gears will be the one”. Now it’s Sea of Thieves? Just stop it already. This is a lost gen for xbox only gamers. No games, or certainly not enough of them, and a lack of direction and focus from Microsoft. I bought my 360 before I bought my ps3 last gen, and I must admit I never thought Microsoft would drop the ball this badly this gen. I was dead wrong.

    Even if Sea of Thieves turns out to be phenomenal (which I highly doubt), it’s one game. One game against the onslaught of fantastic looking exclusives the ps4 is already producing early in 2017, with the onslaught continuing throughout 2017, 2018, and beyond? Have you seen what Sony has in store? C’mon now.

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