Injustice 2 Beta Impressions

The Injustice 2 Beta launched today in North America for those lucky players who were sent an invite. Giving us a hands-on taste of what to expect when the game is released in May. The beta is currently planned to be playable for nearly a full month, only has one mode: Online. There’s no tutorial or AI that you can fight to practice first, instead, they drop you right into the action. Giving you access to four of the characters to play as Batman, Superman, Supergirl, and Atrocitus.

There are two maps to choose from, one is in Gotham City, the other in Metropolis. After a match is over you get experience points and sometimes, some armor for a character. Please note that you don’t always get gear for the character you’re playing at that time. But the gear not only changes the look, but they can add points to certain attributes such as Strength that enhance your character.

My impressions so far,  I do have to say that they kept that gameplay very similar to the original Injustice game which is always a plus. I felt like Batman and Superman both played similarly to their original versions from how I remembered playing that game when it launched. I enjoyed seeing the new characters Supergirl and Atrocitus in action. I do wish that they would’ve had an offline mode, so you can get used to move sets before jumping online. The games I played did have some lag too it, but I’m sure that’s just due to the fact that it’s the first night the beta is available and everyone who received an invite is online. If you don’t have a beta invite and would like a chance at getting one,  you can sign up here!

I also really liked the gear system, however, I hope they will have game modes that disable the stat changes so that it’s an even playing field for tournaments and such. When customizing my characters, and I did notice that you could have multiple loadouts per character, that I think will be amazing to see how it plays out online at launch with all the different characters and possible combinations. I personally think the gear system is the Injustice version of variations that NetherRealm Studios introduced in Mortal Kombat X with three different move sets per character in that game.

Now, I’m going to talk about the matches that I played in the beta, so far, I played a total of four games so far, in the first game I chose Batman as he’s my favorite character. My online opponent chose Superman. The controls took a minute to adjust to and to figure out special moves all while trying to get destroyed by Superman. But luckily, I figure out the controls enough to win the game.

For game two, I decided to try out Supergirl instead, my thought would be she might be a faster character than Superman. My opponent chose Atrocitus and he had already won a few games already (you get to see their win/loss record before the game) and he already had the special moves figured out. I did my best to figure out her special moves but wasn’t able to win that match and to be honest, he obliterated me.

Now, at the end of a match, you get to choose a few different things to do, one of those being a rematch. I accidentally pushed on the rematch and so did he. So here we were, in game 3. But this time, I used what I had learned to come at him, and this time it was enough for me to win the match! At the end of the game, I was hesitant on hitting rematch to see which of us was truly better in a best of three contest, as we were already tied. But before I could decide, he quit.

Which leaves us with my fourth and final game so far. Now before I go into my final match,  I went to the main menu to see what items I’d been earning after the game. I got an upgraded cape for Superman that adds 10 to my Strength attribute. So I changed to that and went into a match as Superman, this opponent chose to play as Batman. This game was very close, he was very aggressive and simply relied on that as his strategy. But in the end, I got the upper hand and won! So my record is 3 wins/1 loss. Not bad for a game I’ve never played. I do plan to go back and try out Atrocitus. And to see what other armors I might unlock.

So my record is 3 wins/1 loss. Not bad for a game I’ve never played. I do plan to go back and try out Atrocitus. And to see what other armors I might unlock.

What do you think of the beta so far? What are you looking forward to when the game launches in May? Do you already have your copy pre-ordered? Please leave your thoughts in comments below. And until next time, keep gaming.

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