Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Sells Out On Amazon Fast Causing Them To Resell For Double On Ebay

The Nintendo Switch pro controller went up on Amazon earlier today for $69.99, and as you can see in the link, they are all sold out. It only took one hour for them all to sell out but we’re not surprised as Amazon questionably allowed more than one order per customer. As a test for this, we actually added 42 controllers to the Amazon basket and was allowed to checkout with the quantity (no we didn’t buy them.)

As you might’ve guessed the pro controllers made their way to eBay quite quickly, and have already sold for double the price. Here’s an image of one of the listings.


There’s no word on when there will be a restock or if that was the launch day allocation, we will keep you updated on this. Let us know in the comments section below if you managed to get a pro controller or not.

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