Ori And The Blind Forrest Developer Says Xbox Scorpio Is Not A “Half-Assed Upgrade” Like PS4 Pro

Thomas Mahler who was a developer for Ori And The Blind Forrest has commented on the Xbox Scorpio and made some very interesting remarks about the console as well as the PS4 Pro. In the post he said that the Xbox Scorpio is going to be a “full blow next generation” gaming console and not just an upgraded console. He later said the console wouldn’t be like the PS4 Pro which he called a “half-assed upgrade” which he said the PS4 Pro “kinda is”

Thomas made it clear that Microsoft will need to do some work on promoting the new console to make sure the consumer doesn’t compare it to the PS4 Pro, and that it might just be considered an upgrade rather than this big new console.

Here is an image of the full post by Thomas.


Do you agree with his comments? Do you think PS4 Pro was just a “half-assed” upgrade? Or was it better than that? Does his comments also excite you for the Xbox Scorpio? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Scorpio is going to kill it. From what I’ve we read, if true, it’s a beast of a console.

  2. More and more hype! can not wait for Scorpio

  3. If they kept the old Jaguar cores and just upclocked..we are in for some disappointments. It will still be more powerful than Pro and be the most powerful console to date but its will be basically a boosted XB1 with a beefy GPU slapped on. I thought this was a ground up retooling of Xbox and a new chance at kind of reintroducing Xbox after Xbox Ones terrible launch. If they didnt nail down Zen i dont have a whole lot of faith in 4k capability outside of 1st party titles and a ton of fidelity sacrifices will likely be made elsewhere to hit 4k in even 1st party titles. Have to wait for final specs but 6Tfps is not enough to hit 4K in todays games without making sacrifices elsewhere in fidelity barring some hardware secrets we dont know yet. And sites like DF will put this console under the microscope once it launches and remove a lot of the mystery behind how it works and achieves 4K in games.

  4. Microsoft has to blow away the competition with this system. No room for error this E3

  5. Gaf -> Internet-> gaf

  6. GAF is dumb as usual. Digital Foundry got some documents alright. Old and outdated documents.
    You don’t release a new console a year later and have it the same or even close as the PS4. That doesn’t make sense. They both share the same companies that make the components. DUH!

    I never had much faith in NeoGAF, but they are dumber than bricks.

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