These 10 PlayStation Vita Games Launching in 2017 You Need To Keep Your Eye On

The PlayStation Vita may not be getting first party support from Sony anymore or third party support from most of the major publishers but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have some fantastic games on the way. 2016 delivered some great hits like Severed from Drinkbox Studios, Axiom Verge, and plenty more. When I looked ahead to some games that are scheduled to hit the PlayStation Vita this year I came across quite a few that are going to play great on this little handheld. So if you are still looking for games for your Vita take a look at this list of 10 games that are coming to the Vita this year.

1. Cosmic Star Heroine

cosmic star heroine

Cosmic Star Heroine is an upcoming turn-based, sci-fi, Japanese-style RPG from Zeboyd Games that while taking a bit longer than expected to come out is no less shaping up to be great. The game is set to be a nice throwback to many of the classic JRPGs of the past with a great cast of characters and a great battle system. You can read all about the game over on the official site and it shouldn’t be too much longer before we can all play this on our Vitas.

2. Rainbow Skies

rainbow skies

Eastasiasoft is hard at work on their sequel to Rainbow Moon, Rainbow Skies, that is set to release on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita in 2017. Many Vita fans have been waiting for this game and it’s not hard to see why. Rainbow Skies is a tactical turn based RPG with a rich and colorful world. You’ll travel through dungeons, fight monsters, spend money at shops and more. Rainbow Skies is bringing new features such as monster taming, tons of side quests and endgame content, and a lot more. This is an RPG you’ll be able to sink hours and hours into on the go.

3. Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas


Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas launched last year on PS4 and Xbox One after arriving a couple years back on mobile devices. This game turned out way better than it should have and if you have ever wanted a Zelda like game on something other than a Nintendo platform this was the game to get. The game borrows many things from that franchise but it’s fun regardless. The game is on the way to the Vita sometime in 2017 and it’s sure to look great on that OLED screen.

4. Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary_20160329183445

Salt and Sanctuary from Ska Studios was another great game that released on PS4 in early 2016. The game is basically a 2D Dark Souls game. It has punishing hard gameplay and brutal boss fights complemented by a great art style and soundtrack. The game was listed as cross-buy for PS4 and Vita at release and the Vita version is supposed to finally arrive this year. If you haven’t played it yet and want a Souls like game to play on the go Salt and Sanctuary is one to keep your eye on.

5.  Rain World

rain world

“You are a slugcat. The world around you is full of danger, and you must face it alone. Separated from your family in a devastating flood, you must hunt for food and shelter between terrifying torrential downpours that threaten to drown all life. Climb through the ruins of an ancient civilization, evade the jaws of vicious predators, and discover new lands teeming with strange creatures and buried mysteries. Find your family before death finds you!”

Rain World is another upcoming game coming soon to the Vita that will put you in a dangerous world with some highly intelligent enemy AI. This game has won praise from all over and will be the perfect game to take with you on the go.

6.  Valkyria Revolution

valkyria revolutions

Sega surprised everyone when they announced that not only is Valkyria Revolution coming to current gen consoles but the Vita as well. This new entry in the Valkyria franchise departs from the strategy gameplay that it’s become known for in favor or a more action RPG style of game. If you’re a fan of this franchise keep your eye on this one.

7. Fallen Legion

fallen legion

“Fallen Legion marries the intensity of action games with the trials of ruling an empire to create a unique RPG where your skill trumps grinding for experience points. Enter the dark fantasy world of Fenumia and join Princess Cecille on a twisted tale to save her crumbling kingdom from foes within and without.”

Fallen Legion will allow you to control four characters at a game and deliver devastating combo attacks in real time battles. Fallen Legion is coming to both PS4 and Vita and both versions will have exclusive content to help make them a bit different. To experience the full story you’ll have to play both. Fallen Legion should be out soon so keep your eye out.

8. Shakedown Hawaii

shakedown hawaii

Shakedown Hawaii is the next 16-Bit open world adventure from the creator of Retro City Rampage. If you were a fan of that game and want another GTA like game with 16-bit graphics this is one to be on the lookout for as well.

9. The Banner Saga

banner saga

If you don’t know about The Banner Saga here is a brief description: “The Banner Saga is an epic role-playing game inspired by Viking legend. Hand-painted landscapes portray a world eerily suspended in perpetual twilight. Cities and towns begin to crumble into chaos. Heroes abandon their hearths and homes to traverse the snowy countryside, gaining allies along the way to help battle a strange, new threat.” Now that you know a little bit the game and the sequel The Banner Saga 2 have been out on other platforms for quite awhile but the Vita version has suffered some issues. After announcing that the game was cancelled Sony picked it up and is now helping get it finished and on to the Vita. If you wanted Banner Saga on the go you should get it sometime this year.

10. Heart Forth, Alicia

heart forth

“At Heart Forth, Alicia’s core is an ode to the classics. Remember the electrifying gameplay of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the devious dungeons of the Zelda series, and the dark, engaging stories of Xenogears and Final Fantasy Tactics? This game was born with those experiences in mind.

Most importantly, it’s an epic adventure that combines timeless 16- and 32-bit gameplay, modern mechanics, and a set of unique, intertwining stories to take you on a fantastic journey.” If you’re a fan of metroidvania style games and classic bit art styles Heart Forth, Alicia should be a game to have on your list.

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  1. Toukiden 2!

  2. Akiba`s beat?
    Toukiden 2?
    Ys Origin?
    Tokyo Xanadu?

    • Vita is dead.

  3. Other than #6 Valkyria Chronicles, the rest seem to be all retro games. Sad that PSVita is such a great device yet all we get is these kind of 2D kiddy retros. None of these games are making use of PSVita’s assets. Just waiting for Toukiden2 now.

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