Why Nintendo Switch Will Outsell PS4 & Xbox One Eventually

The Nintendo Switch is in incredibly high-demand and the hype behind the console does not seem to be slowing down. The entire country of Japan, sold out of their entire Nintendo Switch allocation in just 15 minutes. This year the PS4 boasts numerous exciting exclusive titles and the Xbox One has a couple of game of the year contenders, but neither will be able to outmatch the momentum behind the Nintendo Switch. While it may not be soon, it is inevitable that the Nintendo Switch will eventually outsell the PS4 and Xbox One.

It took a mere five minutes for Amazon to sell out of their Nintendo Switch stock for Japan. Gamers in Japan who waited outside of stores to make their pre-order purchase of the Nintendo Switch faced a similar fate, with the stores reportedly selling out of their stock allocation of the Nintendo Switch in just fifteen minutes. Japan is Nintendo’s most loyal and supportive market and after many fans were left upset that they could not pre-order the new console, there is no way that Nintendo does not sell-out of their second wave of pre-order stock. Japanese gamers are not the only ones facing difficulty pre-ordering the Nintendo Switch, most retailers in the United States are sold out of the console as well. It sold out at Amazon, BestBuy, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart, just three days after they had started to accept pre-order purchases.

The demand for the Nintendo Switch is only set to increase once they strengthen their game lineup and third party support begins. The release of Skyrim alone will attract numerous gamers, who are drooling at the idea of performing Dark Brotherhood assassinations and fighting dragons on a handheld device. The future release of GameCube titles on the Switch, will also attract nostalgic gamers who are ready to relive their younger days through everlasting titles such as Super Smash Bros.

The versatility of the Nintendo Switch is unrivaled by any other console that has been released and it will easily fill the void of gamers who are looking for a powerful handheld gaming device; with the added bonus that their handheld device can turn into an equally competent console. There is currently no other planned release of a “hybrid” handheld and console gaming machine, which should lead to the Nintendo Switch having a high-demand for a long time.

The Xbox One and PS4 will provide a great gaming year for their users, but they will not be able to add enough new users to their roster to stop the Nintendo Switch sales from catching up to them. The anticipated release of the Xbox Project Scorpio is going to negatively affect the sale of Xbox One’s this year, with gamers likely opting to wait for Project Scorpio than purchase an Xbox One. The lack of exclusive titles being released for the Xbox One has been discussed at nauseam, but it is true that the lack of exclusives will contribute to disappointing results in sales for the Xbox One this year. The PS4 has an enormous amount of exclusive titles being released this year.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be sure to attract some new gamers and Crash Bandicoot, may be able to convince some previous fans of the franchise to purchase a PS4; but for the most part, Sony will be unable to match the excitement around the Nintendo Switch. The momentum behind the Nintendo Switch will likely last for a long time, it is a unique gaming machine that includes features that no other current console is equipped with. Both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S did not generate growth in video-game sales last year, hopefully the release of the Nintendo Switch can begin a positive growth trend.


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  1. This was a good laugh! The only reason switch “sold out” is due to resellers who look to make a quick buck when they flip their large hordes on day two. Everyone is now familiar with fake Nintendo shortages. They cabbage patch their inventory to create false rarity and desire. This only worked well with Wii, as it was the furby, of its time, but the Wii u suffered from the fake shortage, as has the new classic NES emulator, with sales primarily going to flippers until the small real demand falls off. As for this articles speculation that switch will outsell the big two, well, most big you tube game reviewers have lost interest, preferring to complain rather than praise the switch. Just like what happened with Wii U. The high price, the fake shortage, the ebay flippers, the lackluster launch day game list, the lack of a pack in game, the outrageous cost of add-ons, the lack of space, the new paid online service, the online and party chat phone app requirement, and more motion controls all contribute to the future failure of the Nintendo Switch. 

  2. What you’re smokin’…I want some.

  3. A 720p handheld. Right. The novelty will wear off quickly….in the near future people will quickly tire of looking from their 4k phone display back to that mess Nintendo is marketing as “innovation”. New tech products in particular are notorious for having rapid adoption, but not a very long tail. The Switch is really a niche, novelty device and underpowered, even before it launches. It’s going to be looking very tired indeed in 2018, to say nothing of 2019.

  4. Why are you using pre-order numbers as a indication of its future? The PS VR had great pre-order numbers but I still see them in my stores. Even the Wii-u had great pre-order numbers and it tanked. Pre-order numbers are meaningless. It always looks good in the beginning. Japan will embrace it because it can be a portable. However just because its a powerful handheld doesn’t mean anything. The vita was a powerful handheld which is much smaller but it isn’t doing well.Yes, I understand it’s a Nintendo handheld but the 3DS was dying until they lower the price of it and started coming out with games.

    My phone and tablet are both smaller and can do much more than the Switch, so why would I want to bring something this big on a daily basis?

  5. Switch is a turd.

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