For Honor Beta Code Giveaway – PS4 & Xbox One!

We are giving away For Honor beta codes to our readers as we don’t want you all to miss out on this great beta! We are having so much fun with the beta so far.

Do you want to win one of these beta codes? Of course you do and to enter, it’s simple! All you need to do to enter is just leave a comment in the comments section below, and tell us one of the reasons why you want to play the beta and if you are excited for the release of the full game next month.

Winners will be announced today and tomorrow, and we will make sure to notify you if you have won one of the beta codes. You can also choose if you would like a PS4 or Xbox One code.

So what are you waiting for!? Leave your comment in the comments section below! And good luck!

Don’t forget to pre-order For Honor! This is going to be one of the best games of the year, so don’t hesitate pre-ordering this game. Pre-order links for US/UK can be found below.

For Honor PS4 Pre-Order (US only) – Link

For Honor Xbox One Pre-Order (US only) – Link 

For Honor PS4 Pre-Order (UK only) – Link  – Exclusive to Amazon UK For Honor PS4 Gold Edition Link

For Honor Xbox One Pre-Order (UK Only) – Link  -Exclusive to Amazon UK For Honor Xbox One Gold Edition –Link


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  1. I want to play the beta to see if I’d enjoy a full purchase. Still on the fence.

  2. can i get a code for my friends plz its on ps4 ive been trying all day

  3. Xbox One btw

  4. I want to play the beta to see if I’d enjoy a full game. PS4 please.

  5. Can’t wait to play it. Love the concept and release can’t come quick enough

  6. hi I really want to get a beta code cause i signed up for it and i did not get one. I really love the game because of the fighting mechanics and I can’t wait for it to come out! ONE FOR PS4 PLZ

    • i believe

  7. I wan to win because I’ve been wanting to try the game ever since I heard about its PS4 please

  8. I want to play this beta because this is just beautiful and this is my kind of games like old wars. Thank you ttg ps4

  9. I would like to win the beta code for Xbox One because I have signed up a week ago, but I dont have access to the email that they have possibly sent the code to. I’ve been trying to access it all day but all I’ve achieved is being locked from attempting to access the email account. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out by gifting me the code. Thanks either way.

  10. I want a beta code because I have been hyped since announcment, I also love mideval games and I feel I will love it. Xbox One | Twitter : RhapsodicTiger3

  11. I want the beta because I really want to play this game as soon as soon as I can. Xbox btw

  12. I need this beta code like I’ve been searching all day i even had one of my buddies send me the invite an it came thru an said error login cuz it was sent for the wrong console I need Xbox one plz Ima pull my hair out if I don’t get this beta I’m a real samurai in real life it’s o Ky right I get this beta

  13. I am excited for the beta all my friends and I would like to play with them i pre ordered it and I’m so hyped for it and

  14. Please God, missed out on the beta, huge fan and would like to test it out on ps4. Need to check if i wont be a noob before buying.

  15. Please hmu been trying all day to get a code for xbox one

  16. I really want to win the beta code because I signed up for it but didn’t get it, plus I want to try and get a feel for this game before deciding whether or not to buy the full version. Xboxone pls Twitter:Ace360

  17. I would love to win a beta code I have been following this game since it was announced and signup for the beta but never received a code. I love the samurai faction and cannot wait til feb to play.

  18. Hello, I would love to play this beta on xbox one and would appreciate the code.I am most looking forward to executing my enemies in the beta and hyped for the game release.

  19. I’m super thursty for a code I’m salty I applied for one with 3 diff emails and still didn’t receive a code

  20. I’m ready to be a viking a go and pillage the world. ive been watching ywith on ot all day and i was sleep on this game it looks like fun. xbox one gamer tag
    white Boi dread email is

  21. I would like a xbox one code bc this is the first melee ive been excited for since Mount and Blade

  22. I Want To Join The Beta Because Is Will Be The First melee game that I am really excited to try out in long time. Xbox one please

  23. I’m a nerd of gaming and I am ready to swiftly cut Vikings and knights with my katana. I’m on Xbox One and always looking to play and master a game.
    Add me on the Box

  24. I want to check it out to see if it lives up to the hype that I’ve created for it! It looks so good

  25. Im entering this contest for a friend of mine on PS4 who wasnt lucky enough to get into the beta.

  26. I really want to play the xbox one beta because soon as it came out in e3 i fell in love with the idea of a 3rd person medieval multiplayer game.As soon as it was able to pre order i instantly did it no question because i knew from the start that is was gonna be amazing. I have started to count down the days until the fabled day arrives and i can not wait for this beast of a game to come out fully!

  27. I would LOVE to get a beta code or two, I signed up for the beta months ago, and didnt get a code, I have been hyped about this game since they announced it, I want to play it SOOO badly, please send me a code. Email:

    • For XBOX

  28. I love the quick-to-learn-but-hard-to-master melee mechanics and the clash of iconic warriors from amazing cultures. I would love to try the game out on PS4. Thanks.

  29. Please email me a beta code for Xbox One! Since Destiny fell to the wayside, my need for a game that will bring me back to my Xbox currently collecting dust is much needed! Pease take me out of limbo!!!

  30. I would like a beta code for PS4 because I’ve loved this game since watching it at E3 and I don’t want to miss this opportunity to play it. Thanks.


  32. and my email is @

  33. I would love a beta code for the xbox one!!. I signed up a couple weeks ago and was so excited to get into the action but I never got an email. I have been following this game since they announced it. I already plan to buy the game when it come out. My email is or my xbox one gamertag is suthernmayhem97. Thanks and you guys are awesome!!!!

  34. I neeeeeed a code for PS4 to be able to find out what faction to play through first. Plus I mean, who wouldn’t want early access gameplay to this blood bath of a game

  35. I would like to obtain a beta code for “For Honor” because i enjoy Ubisoft based games and i have a channel on youtube known as NODE that went to a convention and played your game and it looked absolutely beautiful my email is Thank You

  36. I would like to win the beta code for ps4 because i do not have a lot of money and even though i really want to buy this game i would like to see if i like it before spending 60 bucks. Thank You.

  37. I’d love a PS4 code because it was a long day at work, and I need to take my frustration out on some Vikings.

  38. When I was a child my mother said that our ancestors belonged to an ancient japan samurai family. Since childhood I was fond of the art of fencing (kendo) and now I want to test myself in digital battleground! For honor of my family!

    Platform: Xbox
    Uplay: MonkeyLz
    XBLive: lLzl

  39. Hi everyone, I want to join because I have always been fascinated with ancient warriors and battles (however I know the game is not historically accurate), and because I have did some stuff to enter and nothing worked. Still, I’m really hyped about this game and it would be a great way to know if this game is for me or not (It’s gonna be a bit expensive on launch in my country so I want to know if it’s going to be worthy of getting it as fast as I can). Thanks anyways and good bloodfest to everyone. My platform is PS4 and my email is

  40. I would like to win the beta code because since e3 i fell in love with a medieval multiplayer. Soon as it was avaliable to preorder i did it instantly without a doubt and i really want to know if i have spent my money wisely and to play this beast of a game

  41. I would love a beta code because this is the kind of game I’m been dying to play on the PS4! Most of the FPS and action games out there are trying to go too much with a futuristic aspect and I think sometimes simplicity makes for the best gameplay. I wanna run around swinging a sword around like my ancestors did. Thanks for the opportunity & good luck, everyone 🙂

  42. I’ve been following the game ever since it was announced and it looks amazing. I was very disappointed to see that I was not selected for the beta even after signing up ages ago. I would love to win a PS4 code so I can finally play the game I’ve been waiting for.

  43. I registered for the code days ago, and astonishingly, i amongst many, did not receive the key. I spent much of my free time yesterday searching desperately for a key/code for PS4. Whether it be the original key with additional invites, or to be invited by another. As you can see, i have yet to receive such luck. This free time not well spent amongst working an 8 hour dayshift, soon after to be recalled to work 12 hours overnight.
    Though i am more tired now than ever, i would enjoy nothing more than to join brothers in arms against many a foe, and to bring knowledge to light of any and all discrepancies found amongst the world of For honor, so that they may be adjusted for our future brothers in arms to enjoy the plunders of glorious battle amongst the blood yet spilt.
    With desperate hopes…

  44. I’ve been watching Vikings and I’m in the mood to be one. Plus I’ve been following the game for a while now and wanna try it before it comes out. Email:

  45. Me need Beta in my Caveman Voice. I’m a PS4 Viking killer.

  46. If there are more beta codes, I’d really like one because I am waiting for a game like this for so long. I would really love to try it, to enjoy fighting For honor and it would be so cool if you could help me out with this 😉 E-mail is Thanks in advance!

  47. I’d like to get an Xbox One beta code because I am a huge fan of medieval warfare and swordfighting, and would like to see all the different styles in the game.

  48. I would absolutely love an xbox code. Dying to get to play this.

  49. I signed up a while back and haven’t received the code yet, and I have tried to contact ubisoft, but since they are backed up they haven’t gotten back. I would like a code as soon as possible because I’m trying to start up my youtube channel and this would be a perfect opportunity. Would like and Xbox One code, gamertag is xHysteria TV.

  50. i would love to have a ps4 code because im too poor to buy the game but i want to play it while i can 😀

  51. I would love an Xbox one code simply because I was late on realizing how sweet this game is and would definitely put the code to use.

  52. This game looks super dope! I would really like to win a code for the ps4

  53. My friends have the beta looks amazing please make my dreams come true? P.s for honor

    • PS4

  54. I would like a beta code cause this is gonna be the best game since the witcher. I’m for sure buying it and cant wait the play it. What could be better than a knight going hard on some Vikings

    • By my honor I will make you proud if you bestow the key upon me

    • I will valiantly serve as a knight strictly adhering to the highest code of honor if bestowed this great responsibility

  55. I signed up for the beta 5 months ago when it first showed up and I didn’t receive a key, I’m quite frustrated and would be gladdened to receive one for the Xbox One. I’ve been waiting for the game since I saw the trailer back in 2015. I’d like to not have to wait another 2 weeks in order to get the game. Also, if this game doesn’t live up to my expectations(which I’m assuming it will), I don’t want to waste my money if I don’t like the gameplay. Thank you, my email is

  56. I want to play the beta in order to see if I can stream it and enjoy it as an alternative game for PS4

  57. I’d love a beta code for Xbox dude. I’ve already pre ordered the gold version and I’m so hype and just want to support this game. I can’t wait to be running around as a peacekeeper doing the opposite of ‘keeping peace’

    If I do win one by some miracle please email me.

    Probably gonna be checking my mail for this next couple days now Kappa

  58. Id wanna win because thus game looks amazing. to have an eyegasm while playing it

  59. in need of an xbox one code , signed up and havent gotten a code , I would like to stream it as well as play a new game which i might pre oder this game looks amazing VIKINGS ALL DAY!!!! gt- Waraide

  60. I would like a code because I would like to experience the game before I preorder it. Im low on cash, and would like to see if its good, so I dont waste 60$ on a game I might not even like. I did sign up for a xbox code, but I guess I didn’t get a code. Thanks!

  61. I would really like an xbox one code i have been following the game and plan on buying it but would love to grind it early

  62. I want the beta code because I want to try it before I buy it. Xboxone. Twitter: Ace360

  63. I’d love to have a PS4 code. Thank you.

  64. I would like beta code for ps4 bc the game looks awesome an I want to be the best of the factions, I’ve also never won any beta codes before so I’m hoping this will be my 1st.

  65. i want a code to play with my friends because i’m super excited for this game ad so many people got codes and i didnt. Also i want to fight for my boy Realcartoonz and gain honor in my faction (xbox one)

  66. I got cheated my dudes. Signed up for Xbox one code but I got a pc download. Can I pleas get an Xbox one code?

    • Contact Ubisoft, apparently they’ll change the platform for you.

  67. how to i get an invite on the xbox one. im dying to play this game…finally some badass looking medieval pvp…Xbox one tag Samson8308 please

  68. I would be a great recipient of the Xbox key. Because I want Slice Up the Knights
    And stab all the Vikings.

  69. I want a code because watching this game is pure adrenaline and if I don’t get an outlet I’m going to Spartan kick my PS4 down a well. I need to play this game, and yes I’m obviously excited for the full release.

    • Enjoy the use of the spartan kick touche

  70. By the spear of Odin, I relish in the opportunity to sacrifice my enemies to appease the gods. I throw my self upon your feet for a chance to earn my place in Valhalla. I have gone to the wise one and he has told me my ancestors bid me take my place amongst them. I will slaughter maim and dismantle all who stand before me, this I swear on my sacred arm ring.

  71. I really want this because I never got a code when I signed up so I really want for Xbox one and I really want to play to get a feel of the fighting style

  72. Pick me damn it

  73. I want to try the game out before I buy it, but so far from looking at videos it looks really fun. Xboxone. Twitter: Ace360

  74. I just wanna give the game a try with my friends before I shel out the money for it

  75. I want to play as a knight because the have a flail and the were armored badasses and I would love to play as one.
    PS4 pls

  76. I would love to have a code for PS4. Working 12 hour days and having kids to take care of I need an outlet! Looks like a great stress reliever!

  77. I’m not sure about the game and still don’t know all that much about it, so I would like to get a beta code to try it for myself.
    (Xbox One please.)

  78. I would like a key for xbox because i love this game and I want to try it before I buy it. I want to play the peace keeper or warden so much

  79. I am really looking forward to the game, it looks fantastic, the concept of brutal, difficult combat between great warriors like Samurai and Vikings is fantastic and has to be better than the dreadful Deadliest Warrior game, right? I really hope it is!

  80. I want it on Xbox because I registered for the beta and didnt get a code

  81. I would want a code because I enjoy the fighting between knights and other Game of Thrones-esque characters. The combat looks very intriguing and I’m hype for the game’s release.

  82. this game looks amazing and can`t wait for it to come out and it would be awsome if i could get a xbox code so i could play it.

  83. Hi! I would love to have a chance to play For Honor because I’ve never played a history combat game and this one, from the looks of streamers, so far seems amazing! I would like to especially play on the BETA so I may get a chance to learn the heroes before I DEFINETELY purchase the game when it is released because I know Ubisoft creates some pretty awesome games. Thanks so much and I hope I have a chance to win!

  84. I have been following this game for eons through thick jungles, dry deserts, and wet marshes. Through the wondrous and sometimes drudgery-filled journey I have come to love this game, though I have yet to try it. I started playing Chivalry a few years back and started to wonder why no dev has taken the concept further, and that’s what For Honor has done. These types of games are my life source but they seem to run scarce lately. I’ve been trying to get invites from thousands of people yet no begging has prevailed. This is my last shot brothers.

  85. I was born a viking, Live as a viking, and will die as one.
    My beard, as my will, is fiery red with passion and I must take my leave to the battlefield.
    Please, oh mighty ones, A key for the PS4 or PC shall suffice, please send one to or through uplay: dendeniko.
    Many thanks!

  86. I have been looking forward to For Honor since I first heard about. I can’t wait!


    Please email the above with a PS4 For Honor beta code!! I have been wanting to get into this game for a long time. I’m confident that this is going to be my most played game of 2017 and beyond. I pre-ordered it to show my support and gratitude to the developers for making such an amazing game. I would truly appreciate a chance to play For Honor in the closed beta, please help me!

  88. I played For Honor Beta having the special code!!! The game is freaking amazing, including the best resolution, amazing choice of factions and special effects too. I think I spend about 10 hours, while playing 😀 😀 Tried to find out all possible info and facts about the game. I played For Honor on Xbox One, however, I can’t wait to try it on my new PS4. On what platform you played Beta? As I have read in the article Xbox One is the best one to do that. It has many more updates and etc. 🙂

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