Stats Show Nearly 10% of Resident Evil VII Players are Playing in PlayStation VR

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard launched earlier this week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC along with support for PlayStation VR. Press and players alike have agreed that the game is fantastic in PlayStation VR and maybe the best way to experience the game. Now according to some early stats via we know just how many have played the game in VR.

resident evil 7

According to the page 659,080 players across all platforms have joined the family meaning they have played the game. Out of those players 63,270 of them have played it in PlayStation VR which is 9.6% of all players. That’s a pretty good ratio so far. Now you have to consider that neither the total player numbers or VR users is fully accurate as only those who have signed up for the site are included in those counts. Still it shows that plenty of people are enjoying the game and playing it in VR.

Have you been playing Resident Evil VII? Have you tried it in VR yet? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I’m loving resident evil 7 on my PS4Pro with the PSVR. It’s definitely the best way to play.

    • I will say it’s definitely the most INTERESTING way to play. There are flaws in VR though. The UI needs quite a bit of work in how floating elements cope with geometry. And I wish there was a completely “smooth” option for movement. All those split second cuts to black when nearly the entirety of the animation has already been completed are just jarring and annoying, NOT more comfortable. At least, not for me. And the game does a weird LOD thing in VR where when you’re getting close to something large or a space, it pops into LOWER detail than when you were farther away. Example: when entering the house from the courtyard there’s a split second where the enterior of the house looks super sharp, but then when you step in it all drops to a lower resolution. All that being said, however, it truly is a great way to experience the game.

      • There is an option to make turning completely smooth but it makes alota people get VR sickness. Tried it for 10 seconds and was like nope.
        I like the turning in doesn’t cut to any black it just makes you turn to the side real fast in 30,45 or 90 degree increments. I thought it did that at first to but it’s more like alota motion blur then a cut to black but it works real good. If your standing you don’t even need to use it you can just turn your body like you would normally.
        The resolution stuff I think is more the game and expect to be patched in the near future.

        • Yes I play with the smooth turning enabled. Personally I’m completely fine with it. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about all the other little animations where Ethan is interacting with the environment. In many of those instances there are little cuts to black regardless of whether or not smooth turning is enabled. Example: There’s an area in the old house with a crawl space. You duck, move towards the space, and there’s a bit of an animation where Ethan is using his hands to get into the space. There is a small cut to black there. Also whenever getting off of a ladder there is a cut to black. And various other instances. This should be optional. Especially when the way it’s implemented you’re STILL seeing most of the motion played out. So I can’t even imagine those cuts to black stopping anyone from feeling ill. Another example: Right at the start when you hop down the little ledge to get into the guest house. You drop down, and MID DROP it cuts to black, as if that’s really helping anyone. It’s just annoying. Either make it to where you can’t see ANY of the animation(There could be little contextual “Press A/X to enter/drop/climb etc.” prompts) or remove the cuts entirely. Best option would be to add a toggle for them in the options menu.

          • I noticed that at first but ever since I turned on smooth ducking the only time Iv ran into it is when I move my head into an area where a wall is.

  2. Overused goddamn first-person perspective… Fucking bored beyond belief…

    • Have you played it? It works very well. And in the case of THIS franchise, it’s the THIRD PERSON perspective that’s been overused. The first person perspective is being used a lot now for horror titles because developers realized that using that perspective takes away a large chunk of the player’s situational awareness, thus making an act as simple as walking down a hallway much more tense than it would be in third person. Especially in VR.

      • So ? Everything should be First-Person ? Is that what you are saying ?

        • I think if you actually read and comprehend what I wrote, then you’ll know that that’s NOT what I said. What I said is that for THIS GAME and other horror games, first person happens to work very well. Third person can ALSO work for horror titles. But in this instance Capcom made the decision to go with first person in order to ramp up the scare factor. And it works. And I see you chose not to answer the answer the question of whether or not you’ve actually, you know, PLAYED THE GAME…

          • You seem to fail in seeing the bigger picture, my dear. Count the amount of all the non-First-Person horror games and then all the ones which are First-Person horror games (include all the planned to release ones too). At the very least – since Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
            See that astounding difference in numbers there ? It’s called “oversaturration”, friend.
            Also, I believe you and other people when you tell me that RE7 is a good game and I will make sure to clear it once CPY releases the cracked version of the game (because I won’t be giving a dime for yet another First-Person game, I only vote with my wallet for something that risks, not something that succumbs to trends), but it doesn’t change the fact that this precise quality of RE7 itself WILL continue to further strenghten the precedent of making even more First-Person horror games.
            Variety is the spice of life. Oversaturration is not.

          • Ah. Now I get it. You’re one of those people that just as a kneejerk reaction feel the need to rebel against anything that appears to be “trendy,” even though you have yet to even experience the thing that you are rebelling against. Here’s the thing about trends though. They can get to the point where they become terribly dull and rote, OR they can be popular for a reason. In this case, as I said earlier, first person has become more and more popular in horror titles because IT WORKS. You also are ignoring the fact that these new wave first person horror titles pretty much all have their own unique identity. The only thing that they share are the point of view. But RE7, Alien Isolation, Amnesia, SOMA, P.T. They are all their own unique things. So my point is, hate a trend when it begins to dilute the experience. Don’t hate a trend just for the mere fact that it exists. Also, don’t be a knob. Buy the damn game. If you’re interested enough AT ALL to sit through it, then pay for it. If you want to protest with your dollar, then fine. Don’t play it. But stealing is never justifiable.

          • Don’t make this about me, love, I can easily call you one of those people who are willingly bent over by the industry and fucked till you love what you are getting, like a good little boy, so do not be making this about me. There is strict statistics of how much there is one thing and how much there is of the other, everything else is irrelevant, especially your petty semi-caring attitude.
            No amount of unique settings, styles and other production qualities changes the fact that it is still one and the same kind of control scheme, doesn’t it ? It also doesn’t change the fact that all the scares are made precisely for this First-Person perspective, does it ? It also doesn’t change the fact that all the horror games nowadays let you freely control what you are looking at, although back in the day Resident Evil charmed everyone unconciously by how it stripped gamers from controlling what they are looking at, made them feel that the game itself is in control here even when it comes to camera angles, imbedding every player with a feeling of internal helplessness.
            I am not stealing anything. They don’t lose anything and without a loss on their part there is no theft. I am simply getting a share of what gentle pirates bestow upon me within an act great kindness and selflessness. Also, how am I supposed to hate something without playing through it first ? That is mighty unreasonable.
            Serious talk now… I am internally sincerely happy that people are getting scared and whatnot yet again, it is very good, very refreshing and certainly positive. But the obsession with one kind of perspective (the most cheap and manipulative one, I might add) is very unhealthy. If there were more games at least like The Evil Within (which was a HUGE breath of fresh air in the growing cancer of samey First-Person horror games) I would not have even cared. But you make me care. So I do. I seriously want better for everyone, please understand, I am not the villain here. I just remember the time when survival horror was proud, inspired and certainly varied. What is happening now is an atrocity and has to be dealt with.

  3. I played it with VR first time and it was absolutely scary! The most shaprest and best looking PSVR game so far and if you want to experience horror in first hand just try this game on VR.

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