Does Project Scorpio Need To Outsell The PlayStation 4 Pro To Be Considered A Success?

With Project Scorpio on the horizon, the question is, does it need to outsell the PS4 Pro to be a success? The answer to that would have to be a no.

The reason why I don’t think that it needs to outsell the PS4 Pro to be a success is because Microsoft is taking its time in making Project Scorpio. With the PS4 Pro it just seems that all Sony did was make an announcement that the PS4 Pro and Slim were coming out and a short amount of time, after that, it seemed like they were released. It was almost like they were rushed into making the PS4 Pro and Slim after the announcement of Microsoft’s Xbox One S and in anticipation of Project Scorpio. Now if Xbox One S is a small indication of how Project Scorpio is going to be, then it looks like Project Scorpio is going to look really amazing given how long Microsoft is taking in making this console.

The reported specs of Project Scorpio is already showing that Microsoft’s newest console is going to be more powerful than PlayStation’s PS4 Pro. So far the specs of Project Scorpio is that it will support 4K definition; have an 8-core AMD processor; 320 gigabytes per second memory bandwidth; and a 6 teraflops graphics processor. Now compare that to the PS4 Pro where the specs for it include the 4K definition support; an AMD processor (while Microsoft is hinting that Project Scorpio’s AMD is going to be newer); a 4.2 teraflops graphics processor; and the memory bandwidth is 218 gigabytes per second.

Also by taking a look at the Xbox One S specs, it can give an indication of what to expect the rest of Project Scorpio’s specs. Most likely we can expect Project Scorpio to support external hard drive storage and hopefully it will start out with the same amount of storage options as the Xbox One S has came out with. Xbox One S appears to be the only console that has the 4k/HDR and Blu-Ray drive while the PS4 Pro only has the Blu-ray/DVD drive despite PS4 Pro being marketed as a 4k system so Project Scorpio might bring the 4k/HDR/Blu-Ray Drive with it when its released.

With Microsoft having the backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games being played on Xbox One and the play anywhere option, as long as you have a Windows 10 computer, Project Scorpio is going to have more options of how to play and what to play when it comes out.  Hopefully throughout the year, we can get more information about Project Scorpio and at E3, Microsoft can show more Project Scorpio during their showing.

So far, Project Scorpio is looking to be quite a powerful and cool looking console compared to the rest. If it can live up to the expectations with the possibilities of how powerful the console is, it would be a good for gamers and Microsoft can continue with that momentum and come out with better games and products that will live up to the potential of Project Scorpio.

Does Project Scorpio have to outsell PS4 Pro to be a success? No, it doesn’t, but it looks like it will be a success when it does come out. However, another question does come to mind, can Project Scorpio end the year on a high for Microsoft after having a terrible start at the beginning or will it look like the decline of Xbox? Now all we can do is wait to see how well Project Scorpio will do and what PlayStation’s plans will be for their next console after the release of Project Scorpio.

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  1. No it doesn’t have to outsell PS4 Pro to be a success…but it will outsell it. MS is putting all their cookies into this dream machine and plan on it being future-proofed for a good 5-7 years. PS5 won’t arrive until 2020 at the earliest so that is 3 solid years of sales for a machine that is significantly more powerful than any Sony console. I would bet it easily hits 25-30million by 2020.

    • Keep on dreaming. The ps4 pro is to my experience just an option to uplift the PSVR experience to a desired standard. And there is no indication MS is uplifting the xbox brand in any way structural way.
      1) none or not much owned game developer companies. (less exclusives)
      2) XBOX product folio has been questioned to be sold several times the last 5 years.
      3) Cloud is MS core business winnings. (that is were all the cookies form MS are probably haven’t heard MS demoted the xbox department to be a sub department of the )
      4) No owned in-house developed VR device
      5) Scorpio is there because XBOX one is failing and needs to be replaced
      6)VR is going to rule 2017
      7) great hardware specs alone does not sell (NINTENDO / PS3)
      8)4K HDR (or 8K) experience is no were near VR experience.
      9) xbox slim and xbox one introduction and sales management wasn’t quite good was it? (introducing the xbox scorpio name right after the xbox slim just because sony introduced the ps4 pro was a failed tactic)… so why would the xbox scorpio be better managed?)
      10)MS was forced to mention the scorpio project if there was or wasn’t one. Otherwise MS heads and management found out MS XBOX portfolio would be in big trouble.

      11)XBOX fails every time with trying to win over ASIA
      12) Phil spencer stated 2 months ago that Holo is better than VR (which implecates they got nothing prepared for VR and therefore also no games)
      13) An alliance with oculus rift would be costly and would put the scorpio competing with the PC rift solutions because of the exclusive oculus rift games availability on the pc platforms)
      14) Hololens technology indeed outshines VR, but VR game experience trumps HOLOlens games.
      15) comments like:
      ‘power of the cloud will boost the xbox one graphical power’
      investing for 300.000 servers (20 million dollars) to build a cloud for the xbox without stating these severs will exclusively be used for xbox services (it would not be a suprise if less than 1 % was used and the overall for other MS office and other CLOUD services
      investing 300 million to design the new xbox one controller ( but withdrawing to spent a third in a HALO movie directed by Lord of the Rings and District 9 directors) You could indeed see the 300 million difference in the xbox one and xbox 360 controller..
      DirectX12 was going to boost the XBOX one hardware to new levels…
      16) XBOX one is also known as the xbox 720…(revering to 1080 / 960 resolution difference throughout most the games)
      17) SONY will likely drop the PS4 pro price to 300 if and when the SCORPIO will be released. Selling the scorpio for 400 will be the only viable option to stay in the top of the market.
      An expensive high powered XBOX console sold for 550 will be a direct kill for the MS branch to stay in the first 2 top spots. And considering the hardware will probably be in this price range.

      I really do not see why people fail to realize and see that SONY has made the PS it’s core portfolio and MS has not for years. The most successful periods were XBOX and the xbox360. after that it went downhill (RROD and xboxlive payWall and almost DRM).
      Sony is for the players and MS is just not for the players, it’s for the (large) game publishers
      ( Read through the lines of the DRM and EA exclusive XBOX one games…)MS had no need to try to force DRM on console owners when they introduced the XBOX one..)

      If indeed the SCORPIO would be a serious deal for MS, it would be another generation XBOX and not downwards compatible on hardware with the xbox one (VR, 4K movie discs or HOLO lens hardware options cant run on XBOX one) (ps4 pro is just a faster ps4 ,all hardware (move,VR) and games can run on both. there are no ps4 pro exclusive games now or in the future)

      And if the next generation XBOX console is really in works here (SCORPIO) ,you can bet that SONY will have their PS5 name or project be named and introduced the day when the scorpio will be presented to the public. I really hope this is the case.

      I love MS , but please..don’t get your hopes up to much..I’ve been there since the beginning..
      SONY is just a more safer bet. I just can’t see how MS could turn things over. There just aren’t many business needs or options left for MS. MS has lost trust (Also the current president wont be able to uplift the love for American products in the world, making it a larger risk)

      I wouldn’t be surprised if MS cancelled the SCORPIO by ‘delaying’ its presentation to 2018.
      (Much like PS exclusive ‘the last guardian’…which was ‘delayed’ several times)
      With Sony PS4 booming along with PSVR (not selling well because of shortage) and NINTENTO SWITCH, MS will have a humongous difficult time trying to sell the SCORPIO to the masses.
      (new 4K, HDMI standards and disc players should be well distributed by then I hope). I can see 4K movies and oculus VR options as possible selling quotes for the SCORPIO. 4K gaming performance wont impress compared to the 4K gaming option that PS4 pro now has . HDR10 has a much larger experience impact than 4K and ps4 pro will probably present 4K gaming through 16 bit instead of 32 bit pallettes to compete with the graphical power of the scorpio making the nextGEN XBOX graphics experience comparable to a currentGEN PS console..

      But I am still keeping my fingers crossed, I really hope they wont be scared off, and still bring on the SCORPIO.

      • Didn’t read too many words (longer than the orginal article). What I am sure you fail to admit is that with Scorpio being significantly more powerful than any Sony product for awhile they will take back command of the 3rd party software war which is where all the revenue is at. MS had it with 360 over PS3, most people bought multiplats on XBox then because games looked and played better. That shifted to PS4 over X1 for the same reasons. With Scorpio the pendulum will shift back to MS and most game sales come from 3rd party and not exclusives. So basically everything you said is wrong. I am content coming back to this in 2020 to say I told you so.

        • I read it and he is wrong on so many counts, lest see if I can do it like he did instead of my run on comments. all points aligned with his (htdhgchjv)
          1) it is up to each console dev to get exclusives this is done by paying for the dev of the game their self and MS owns their own studio and has a hand in dev where as PS just pays for their with no oversight Yes PS has had more for now but 2 years ago it was differently
          2)Have no idea what your taking about Xbox is the same as it always has been has not been sold nor has the product dev been done by anyone outside of Xbox
          3)Xbox and MS did not merge they are still separate divisions that said yes MS in Win10 allowed streaming and yes Scorpio will do Win10 gaming and that makes since for 2 reasons having all gaming in a company under one division and there are more Win10 compatible games along with a good sized VR library something PS dose not have
          4)The in house VR is what PS screed up because they had no experience in making using or porting games too VR plus they have no support experience in that department. If Xbox uses any partner in VR for Scorpio it will have better Res than PS VR plus they will have all the experience that comes with them (also MS dose have their own VR and mixed reality systems same company different divisions)
          5) No Scorpio is there because gamers wanted 4K and Xbox failed to do that however PS fail both the first time and with their half step yep PS gets 4k looking good but still upscaling not true 4k
          6)VR is not going to rule 2017 because to do so games would have had to already start deving for VR on console (with the exception of Win10 VR) maybe 2018 or 2019 most every game will have a VR format however not all gamers can use VR there are several eye and medical conditions that would prevent VR play
          7)Your right great hardware spec don’t sell alone but nor do games you need both and Project Scorpio will not sell just because of specs it will sell because you get to keep your games and as better ones come out you get 4k and VR (some of witch are already on Win10 gaming)
          8)First 4K is UHD and VR is 2 screens and no one makes a 4k VR headset yet even though I know someone is working on one but requires much more than most anything can give and Oculus a leader in VR uses res of 1080×1200 resolution per eye, a 90 Hz refresh rate, and 110° field of view much more info than 4k even though the res is lower plus you have to count for head and body movement
          9) Xbox One S was put out because they new games wanted 4k compatible systems something Xbox One could not do no it dose not play at 4k but allows 4k tv to connect and function, I don’t think it was a tactic but more of a we are doing our best but the tech we want is not ready.
          10) They where not forced to talk about Project Scorpio, yes it could of leaked or it would of come out during tax season but no one forced them and they are still growing and no mater what that year on year growth (some PS has not had) is something the only thing they are proud of, yes PS4 sales have been higher but what did you get out of it did you get a free game of your choice? sorry rhetorical.
          11)Yes Xbox fails to get Asia because PS is not taxed to death over there if you had to take a cut in price and still be higher than the other in cost you would lose that market as well, also we buy American made just as other countries push made there to keep money in their country, However Sony makes and owns the 4k blu-ray player a tech that will be in Scorpio and not in the Pro even though the tech was released before they designed the system.
          12)When Phil said HoloLens is better than VR it is because it has its own OS and don’t need a computer to run. As for VR they are doing VR but using more experience partners and Phil also said just a few days ago that Project Scorpio will do High Fidelity VR something PS cant do yet.
          13)Yes partnering with Oculus may cost more but you get what you pay for PS VR is low res with cheaply made materials I have one I know PS VR and Oculus so I would rather pay a bit more for something done right than well how PS did it.

          Almost tired of correcting him

          14)yep HoloLens is great but is a contained mixed reality VR gaming is great (so you go one right) but Xbox is not going to use HoloLens for games so not worth saying again and again
          15)You have no idea what powers your online games do you yes Xbox is going to rub that processing power in your face and they have well over 300m servers just for gaming and Xbox. your video software is not better than ours sorry the only thing that let PS4 go above Xbox was the fact that they used gddr5 instead of gddr3 ram like Xbox did however with eSRam they sped up the system to almost match PS4 in performance however almost don’t count unless it is horseshoes, Hand grenades or Nuclear weapons so PS using newer ram allowed them to pull ahead even though they lost a lot of money doing so.
          16)No XB1 did not have the best hardware but it is game devs that pic the res of their games they can pic anything but PS uses upscaling even after their “Neo” or Pro and they still failed to reach real 4K and this is after they said it would they just left out they had to upscale to make it look like 4K
          17) your right PS would be dumb if they did not drop the price of their Pro so that they can compete with Scorpio but the fact is the Pro is a combination of outdated tech and a New console by PS will be coming with in 2 years so that they can compete not just with the power of Scorpio how Xbox classifies it if they call it an upgraded One of some sort and count the upgrade like Sony did with the pro and add sales together rather than separately then the One generation has a good chance of catching up in sales however like I said before Xbox just cares about year on year growth, yes they have said it once in a wile about sales but no where near as much when it comes to growth

          Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe any one system is better than another, more power yes got there first yes but not better. We pic a preferred system even if we have them all because we like the community on that one, but if your going to compare get facts straight before talking about a system that is not yours. We are all gamers and should not argue about whos is faster or more exclusives because that changes from year to year or gen to gen and we should not let things like this blind us to why we game in the first place. I would correct an Xbox gamer just as fast and have but dude your said basically the same things on ever comment with VR, and yes PS got there first but Xbox has been doing Win10 gaming and doing VR there for some time no it has not been on Xbox but that gives them the experience they need even though I am sure they will use a partner, I think that is the best move they can do, saves them money and you can pic one of what 100 or so VR head set because anything compatible would work if they use their partners and with the new partner VR gear coming in March or April prices would rang from low res 299 to high res 699 once again none in 4k yet but that is what Xbox is trying 3 consoles low mid and high end for each gamer wants and price great just wish they would of done it day ono, I know the tech was not there if the leak is right 13gb of gddr5x ram, 1gb gddr3, Vega Ryzen versions faster than 320gb/s and 6tf so they will have power in reserve and the leak did say checkerboarding a tech used by PS to upscale games to like VR but use on Scorpio to bring lower than 4k games to like 4k but 4k 60fps games will run at 4k 60fps and not need upscaling or checkerboarding to run. However Xbox has not confirmed or denied the specs how ever other rumor such as not able to play 4k 60fps native was brought in to question along with the high fidelity VR and Xbox said that Scorpio would run 4k 60fps and high fidelity VR so we will have to wait for the full specs. At those specs yes it will cost more than the Pro but we already new that I am thinking 499 to 599 but depending on the specs not leaked it could reach 699 and still be in console price point range and that has been historically 200 to 800 US range, but if you want more your going to pay more.

          • I am sure you know everything.

      • see below in conversation to your kind of list in response to your comments.

  2. With the Scorpio being the only new hardware in the fall it should sell really well, unless Microsoft puts too high of a price tag on it.

    • Why?
      The hype isn’t as hi as the hype for the xbox, xbox360 or xbox one before.
      SONY or NINTENDO only need to come up with a peripheral or game at the same time and MS would have serious issues.
      possible risks:
      SONY comes up with new PSVR controllers along with a AAA defined exclusive PSVR game..
      (Resident evil7 VR is not for the mass market, but if it was, it would be the best next console seller compared to HALO for the XBOX)
      NINTENDO comes up with the SWITCH defined AAA game
      VR becomes the trend for 2017
      SMARTPHONE or mobile devices take over high quality gaming experience somehow (drone controlled hololens or VR gaming options integrated in PAINTBALL or other community gaming sollutions)

  3. I don’t think it dose, PS counts PS4 and the Pro as PS4 sells but because Project Scorpio is going to use Xbox One games and no Scorpio only games then No I don’t think it needs to because it is tech the same gen until they make a Scorpio game other than one only in VR (because it is a possibility) and Xbox One cant run VR, not counting the flat screen in the virtual room you can get with a VR head set though the PC streaming. I think it would be a success as long as it gives games at a min what has already been stated 6tf or more 320gb/s or more 4K 60fps native and not just upscaled but with an upscale for lower res games (had to add that), and with High fidelity VR, if they go back on any of this it will fail and they will lose many loyal Xbox gamers. I don’t know how much of the passed leaks are true but if they are and it will use Vega Ryzen chip variations (easily do 6tf and more) and 13gb of gddr5x Ram with 1gb of gddr3 ram (kind of dumb not to go all 14 5x but at least on of gddr5 instead of 3 thought that they would of learned) can easily do 320gb/s and much more being 5x can run at 8n and 16n where as gddr5 just runs at 8n only so 5x much more band with 16b per pin and not 16b per pin like gddr5. I guess they will be success full if they give the gamers what they want and then some is the short answer.

  4. All I know is that Microsoft better meet expectations this E3 or they will be in for a rude awakening. I believe they have got something powerful up their sleeves because they would not have waited to the end of this year to launch the new Xbox. Phil is not stupid enough to use outdated technology. I have faith in this man to get the job done his E3 to blow minds away with Scorpio.

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