Amazon Starts Its Second Wave Of Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders; No Red/Blue Version Available

Amazon UK  have opened back up pre-orders for the grey version of the Nintendo Switch, with the red/blue version remaining out of stock on the site. Here is what you’ll see when trying to pre-order the console now on the site.


It does also state that Amazon has sold out of their initial batch, and this will be sent to you as soon as they receive more stock. Although it’s not a release date guarantee order, it still means you’ll get one soon after launch with the second wave of pre-orders only just starting now.

It’s unknown when or if the red/blue version of the console will get a second wave of pre-orders. For now however you can pre-order the console here.  

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  1. I pre-o’d the Neon one (at my local shop). Seems like its an uber popular SKU.

    All my AV eqipment from my phone to TVs, set-tops and all are black/grey scale. That throw of colour on the Switch is a God-send.

    Another smart decision Nintendo did with Switch, that they screwed with WiiU.
    WiiU they tied the colour choice to fundamentally different hardware units. So if you wanted White, you had to buy a gimped system

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