“We Are Very Focused On Dev Process To Support Studios”; Phantom Dust HD Ships Before E3 Says Xbox Boss

Phil Spencer spent his Sunday morning answering some questions for Xbox fans. As you can expect he was asked as usual about Black Ops 2 coming to Xbox One through backwards compatibility, but he gave a much clearer answer than “no news at this time” he has confirmed, that despite rumors of it coming in February, that it will not be added to the service anytime in February of this year.

Phil didn’t just use his Twitter time to give bad news to his followers, but also share some release date news for one of their upcoming exclusives. A fan asked if there’s any news on Phantom Dust HD, and Phil responded by saying “it should ship before E3” which is great news for fans of the original game.

He was also asked about how upcoming games will take advantage of the new Scorpio console’s power whilst still being available for the old Xbox One. He replied saying “Studios target many perf configs between all consoles and PCs today. We are very focused on dev process to support studios.” 

And finally he confirmed elite controllers will work on the Scorpio with a simple “yes” 

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  1. CoD is a crap game anyway. Give me FF13, the FEAR series and Tales of Vesperia.

  2. jaja! seee? all of you that mocked x1’s exclusives!!!

    BEWARE Zelda and Horizon! phantom dust is comming!

  3. Phil will get the job done this E3

  4. Hope they have something this year, because the only game that I’m interested in is State of Decay 2. PlayStation could have a very strong year if Days Gone By and God of War 4 are released this year (doubt we’ll see Last of Us 2 until 2018).

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