Main Weakness Of Xbox One, PS4, And Nintendo Switch In 2017

Last week I analyzed the top strength of the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2017. The Xbox One features high-quality games, the PS4 boasts numerous exclusive totles, and the Switch is versatile gaming machine. Each console has weaknesses that could stop their success in 2017. The Xbox One has a limited number of exclusive titles, the Playstation 4 suffers from the mishaps of PSN, and the Nintendo Switch has a weak launch lineup of games.

Xbox One: Limited Number of Exclusives

The limited number of exclusive games being released by Microsoft is going to be the biggest weakness for the Xbox One in 2017. Xbox One will still feature great games such as: Mass Effect: Andromeda, Red Dead Redemption 2, Destiny 2, Battlefront 2, but it lacks a must-buy exclusive, like Horizon Zero Dawn. The few Xbox One exclusives being released in 2017 may not be able to live up to the hype behind them.

Sea of Thieves is a unique IP with amazing co-op gameplay, but there is a worry that gamers who enjoy playing solo, or do not have friends who have the game, will not be able to full enjoy Sea of ThievesCrackdown 3 is a third installment that the majority of Xbox gamers were not asking for; it has heavily advertised the feature of “destructible environments,” which may not be enough to garner good reviews. Halo Wars 2 has potential to be a great e-sports title, but the lack of HDR support and implementation of microtransactions (creation of “pay-to-win” route) are worrisome.


The Playstation Network is an unreliable service, that continuously lets down PS4 gamers. The monthly free games for PS Plus members have been vastly underwhelming and there are no signs of that changing. My PS Plus membership has yet to amaze me since launch, except for the recent flash sales. Flash sales are an easy way  for Sony to market the benefits of PS Plus (you get an additional percentage off), but they rarely conduct good flash sales.

The monthly free games are mostly indie titles for the PS4, and AAA titles have ceased to be released. Receiving PS4 multiplayer games for any holiday is the ultimate tease, because when you want to play online the most, PSN will let you down (or just get hacked). Amazing flash sales, monthly free games, and superb online service are what PS4 gamers expect. Instead, great flash sales are rare, the monthly free games are subpar, and the online service is constantly hacked or simply not working.

Switch: Lackluster Launch Lineup

The Nintendo Switch is an impressive gaming machine, and its hybrid functionality will attract many gamers. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch will release with an unexciting launch line-up, and with a small number of games being released later in the year. The launch lineup will include 1-2-Switch, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, Just Dance 2017, Human Resource Machine, I Am Setsuna, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Little Inferno, Skylanders: Imaginators, Super Bomberman R, World of Goo.

The Legend of Zelda is by far the best game that will be available for the Switch at launch, but it is difficult to find another game that matches the quality of Zelda. Nintendo Switch will feature some great releases later in 2017 such as Super Mario OdysseySkyrim, and Mario Kart. However, it would be no surprise if many of Nintendo’s post-launch games are delayed until 2018.



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  1. Good list. I’m very disappointed in Xbox so far this year. There are literally no games I’m looking forward to except State of Decay 2, and who knows when that’s coming out. I’m planing on getting a PS4 this year for Horizon and Nioh, but I will not be getting PS+ since I rarely play online and the free games are not what I like (I’m not into indie games)

    • 4 exclusives like qb,recore,forza,gears of war 4,dead rising remake thats 4 exclusives this year compared to uncharted and 3 years of no exclusives of sony you are as dumb as this author is.

      • Clearly you need to get its eyes check last year Playstation released Several Exclusives. Exclusives like, the Last Guardian, Uncharted 4,
        Star Ocean 5, Street Fighter 5, World of Final Fantasy, I am Setsuna, Alienation, Ratchet and Clank, No man Sky, Shadow of the Beast, Just to name a few. So before you try and say people are dumb or need to get their eyes check maybe you should do some research.

        • all those games are below AA…lmao uncharted 4 is a AAA title.none of those come close i said AAA need to learn to read…lmao

          • maybe you should look again, Star ocean 5 was made by Square Enix and Tri Ace and was a AAA game, The Last Guardian was made by Sony Japan Studios and is a AAA Game, Street Fighter 5 is made by Capcom and Funded by Playstation and it is a AAA, Ratchet and Clank is made by Insomniac and Playstation and it is AAA, World of Final Fantasy is made by Square Enix and it is a AAA Game. you should really look at the Definition of what is AAA. before you start spouting lies. also you never once said in you comment AAA only Exclusives, and as i pointed out Playstation had more than Xbox.

          • keep dreaming if you think those a big budget AAA titles like uncharted 4 oh btw learn to read the title said long ago were those so called exclusives released????….lmao

            the title i listed were just in 2016..learn to read…lmao

          • maybe you should as so look up 2016 Exclusives for PS4, they all came out all last year. and yes they are all AAA playstation Exclusives they had a big budget costing 10’S of Millions of dollars to make which made them AAA by Default. they just didn’t spend as much as Uncharted 4 they was a flagship Exclusive for playstation. So stop your Trolling already, your making yourself look dumb and arrogant. also Dead raising remake and Recore are questionable if they were AAA to begin with. one was a $40 game that sold bad and had issues and the other was a Remake which doesn’t really need a big budget to begin with.

          • no point to talk to you its sad i have to block each and every one of you morons.since you will be in hideing at e3 because the xbox scorpio is going to destroy that ps4 crap pro thee is no point to talk to you…

            bye bye.

      • QB and ReCore were OK, nothing special. Dead Rising 4 wasn’t a remake, it was a sequel if you bothered to play it (which I did and enjoyed). Also, we have opinions, and if you can’t handle opinions without name calling, maybe you should just crawl back to your mommy’s basement and let the adults do the talking.

        • thats all just your opinion this is what i was talking about
          “Xbox One: Limited Number of Exclusives”
          xbox 2016 qb,recore,dr4,forza h3,gow4 how is that limited?

          your bias is you opinion same as this retarded author.ps4 had only 1 AAA TITLE IN 2015 and 1 AAA TITLE IN 2016.

          you people are full retards and wont be around at e3 when xbox scorpio destroys the play station…bye bye

          • Hvd, thanks for voicing your opinion. As you can see the article is focused on 2017 not 2016. I do not understand why you are so upset that I did not talk about 2016 games when the title clearly states 2017.

          • so for 1 month in to 2017 you are complaining adout games in 2017 when xbox had 4 exclusives released at the end of 2016?did i get that right???

            you didnt say anything about that lack of sony exclusives are you bias?

          • Here are the list of exclusives. PS4 has a vast amount of exclusives. Going off of the confirmed games, no bias at all.



          • using game spot mite as well use n4g or another site like eu gamer but thats not bias at all…lol

            ill believe sonys confirmed games for 2017 when they launch not until then.

  2. xbox exclusives for 2016 you say?Quantum Break,recore,forza horizon 3,gears of war 4 and dead rising remake all in 2016 but i guess you are right compared to sonys 1 big AAA exclusive in 2016 can you even remember sonys 2015 AAA and what else after?

    its pretty sad for xbox RIGHT????? sony is on top for its 1 big AAA game in 3 years.

    you many want to rething the first one author just saying.

    ps waiting for that crap AA or lower list you ponies always list…….

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