Why Nintendo Switch Needs Third Party Support More Than Any Other Nintendo Console Before

The Nintendo Switch is on fire right now so to speak, good luck trying to pre-order one if you haven’t already, and the same thing applies to the accessories, I’m sure Nintendo is more than happy right now. It is a compelling product to say the least, but I’m not ready to drop the money for one just yet.

At the Switch livestream a couple of weeks ago Nintendo mentioned that about 80 developers were on board to develop games for the system, I’m curious how many of these developers are taking a wait, and see attitude towards the system, I would imagine it’s probably more than a few. To be honest it’s completely understandable, the Wii U just didn’t work out, and when the third party developers saw this, they decided it wasn’t worth their time or money to create games for it, this made the problem for Nintendo even worse.

The third party developers are whats going to make or break the Switch, if Nintendo can sell enough systems to make it worth developing for they should be in pretty good shape, if not they are in trouble. If you think about it, it’s can of a viscous cycle. This can really be applied to any new console, let’s say for example Sony, or Microsoft came out with a new system that just didn’t sell well, it would have the same problem. A console cant really be successful if it mostly has only first party support.

I think this is a make it or break it type of situation for Nintendo, if the Switch doesn’t sell well, They are going to have to make the decision as to whether to stay in the console business, or concentrate on hand held gaming where they dominate, and maybe license their games for other platforms.

Another thing to consider is that it appears that the Switch may not be as powerful as the current generation of consoles, from Microsoft, and Sony. This means that any games that are ported over to the Switch would kind of be dumbed down for lack of a better term, than they would be on the Xbox One, or PS4. If I’m a developer this is another thing to consider, and from a gamer stand point I would really rather play the best version of a game that I possible can if I already own one of the other systems.

Now if all you want to do is play first party titles from Nintendo no problem, then this is the console to buy, and if third party developers make games for it then that’s the icing on the cake as they say. Me personally I have a really hard time justifying spending $300.00 just to play the new Zelda, or Mario games.

Now I said earlier that I was waiting to see if I would buy one, and there are two things I’m waiting on, the first one is the third party support, and the second one is the hardware specifications. The Switch is a really interesting product as it seems to be trying to bridge the gap between a console, and a handheld device, and if I’m looking for a handheld this is a really neat product.

I’m reminded of the quote about no man being an island, and this applies somewhat to a gaming console, I just really don’t think one can survive with out third party developer support, at least none that I can recall have anyway. I really hope the Switch is successful, as I said earlier if it’s not, then Nintendo is really going to have to rethink somethings, and have some though decisions to make about moving forward. The stakes are high this time around for Nintendo.

What are you thoughts on the Switch? As always let us know in the comments.

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  1. Not sure Nintendo plans to get 3rd party support with Xbox and PlayStation moving into stronger machines. At best they’ll get remastered games, but I don’t see developers making any big games for the Switch. Nintendo will still be just the “second” system for gamers, and that might be good enough.

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