Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Third Global Mission has Launched

There were two Pokèmon ‘Global Missions’ in the latest entry of the long-running Pokèmon franchise, and neither of them shaped out for fans at all. What could’ve otherwise been a pretty simple task, humbled Nintendo and their effectiveness at communication to their audience via network capabilities.

Mission #1 tasked the entire player-base to catch one hundred million Pokèmon. A feat that was apparently too daunting for players, as the quota was only at around a quarter of what should’ve been met for in-game rewards.

Mission #2 asked the player-base to use the in-game scan features to either capture or defeat only one million Pokèmon. We can assume that this enlightened the organizers of these missions, as mission #3 is most definitely a step in a much more easier direction.

Trade Pokèmon and report to the receptionist in the Festival plaza, that’s all you have to do. There’ll be an added bonus if the global quota reaches two million but the main goal is exactly one million. You’ll also receive a complementary ‘Rare Candy’ from the receptionist if you trade in at least five Pokèmon.

Good luck trainers!

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