Resident Evil 7’s Shipments Lower Than Previous Installments; Capcom Stock Diminishing

Courtesy of Twitter user @GearoidReidy, shipment numbers for the latest entry in the survival-horror franchise Resident Evil have been revealed.


Reidy points out that the shares for Capcom have been dropping rapidly throughout the day following this announcement. This is considerably disappointing for the series as Resident Evil 5  initially shipped around 4 million units, and Resident Evil 6 went over 4.5 million units in its first week.ss_9b2fec95734003c857a2cefea564349acee9b1d1.600x338

Keep in mind, this isn’t any sort of omen that the title is doing poorly. In the UK, Resident Evil 7 is on the top of the weekly sale’s charts above GTA and Call of Duty. Globally, the title has sold over 200,000 digital copies on Steam alone. Even internally at Capcom, they’re stating that the entry is having a “solid start” and has pushed the entire series to a total of 75 million sales.

One more thing to note of course, is the fact that January releases don’t typically sell well compared to other months. Which is why most video game publishers don’t release their games a month after the biggest holiday season. This month however has been different than most, as it might’ve been the best in the history of gaming.

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  1. I’m holding off buying the game to wait for a sale. Bought way too many games last year only to see them drop in price by 50% or more only 1-2 month later. Also I think people were uncertain about the direction the game was going and held off purchasing until reviews came out.

  2. I rented it bc I was low on cash that week. Ill be buying it shortly though. Its the best RE game Ive played since at least 3. Ppl can complain all they want but RE7 is a necessity for the franchise. They put some life back into a decaying franchise. 4 was “ok” but started the downfall and 5-6 were just nails in the coffin. RE was dead in the water until 7 came along and reestablished its identity. RE7 literally saved the RE name.

  3. I’m not buying this until I get a PSVR. That’s how I want to play it.

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