EA Has Released Their Prediction For Mass Effect Andromeda’s Sales

Courtesy of Twitter user Daniel Ahmed, critical sales estimations from an EA conference call have emerged.

Mass Effect 3 sold around 6 million copies, and EA is estimating that Mass Effect Andromeda will be able to sell at least half of that in the first week alone.

While lofty, this wouldn’t be an impossible feat – Bioware sold more copies than any other game they developed with the launch of Dragon Age Inquisition.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on March 21st.

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  1. I think it might be possible since its bioware with Mass Effect could be more then 3 million sales too

  2. Hope it does sell well as I love mass effect. March Is such a busy month! Have horizon on PS4 to play and then Zelda before starting this. Just wonder how I’m going to find the time to tackle those games. Lol

  3. FFS EA, learn to take risks and get crazy sometimes, stop releasing your expectations and predictions ! You are supposed to be a provider of your own entertainment, not a fucking slick asshole in a suit doing everything for a cheap buck…

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