Series Producer Discusses Possible Remaster Of Nier; Only If Automata “Sells Like Hotcakes”

During a live Facebook Q&ANier: Automata’s designer, director, and producer were answering fan’s questions regarding the latest Nier game.

One question in particular, was answered by Yosuke Saito the producer of Nier Automata. A fan had asked, “what are the possibilities of a remake for Nier.” Saito then explained that if Automata were to sell like hotcakes, Square Enix would look into the possibilities of remaking the title.


It sounds like if you’re going to want to play Nier in either a remade or remastered incarnation, then you’re going to have to put your money where your mouth is and purchase the title.

Thankfully embargo lifts for the title almost a month before release, which means that you’ll have plenty of time to make your decision before the game’s launch (and try to beat the game’s demo which you can download here.

Nier Automata releases February 23 for Japan, and March 7th everywhere else.

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