Street Fighter V Only Sold Just Over 100,000 Copies From April 2016 Until The End Of 2016

Street Fighter V started  well with 1.4 million copies shipped & sold digitally by the end of March 2016 which was less than two months after launch. Since March there had been a major decline in sales, and by the end of November 2016, that 1.4 million number had stayed the same, which implied that the game had sold less than 100,000 copies since the end of March 2016 number.


After the end of December 2016 update on Capcom’s finance site  it now shows that Street Fighter V has hit 1.5 million which means from April 2016 all the way up to the end of 2016, the game sold just over 100,000 copies. With the slow climb to reach 1.5 million, it’s likely that it only just hit 100,000, and not much more than that.

Unless there’s a major price change in 2017, it’s doubtful that Street Fighter V will hit 1.6 million by the end of 2017. I mean they can’t go that much lower with it already being sold brand new on Amazon for $15 and on Amazon UK for £14.99

What do you think Capcom should do with Street Fighter V? Should they make it free to play? Should they allow it to be a PlayStation Plus game to try and increase numbers and hope they buy the DLC? Let us know all your thoughts on the sales disaster of Street Fighter V.

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  1. I like Street Fighter series and I’m supporting it. ?

    • This isn’t a proper SF though as it’s missing so many things! If the Devs won’t support it then neither should gamers!

      • I like what I’m seeing so far though. Almost all of the popular and original Street Fighters are in SFV.

        • I think if more modes were going to be added they’d have done it by now(or at least announced they were working on them)

          • Hopefully Capcom would listen to the requests of fans. More modes means more game time for SFV.

          • I wouldn’t put it past them releasing a full priced ‘Complete Edition’ to recover some of the losses

  2. Capcom launched it so poorly and I’m still confused if it’s a complete game. Im buying a PS4 this year, and SFV is a game I’m avoiding until they release a complete Ultra Mega Super EX Special Edition version.

  3. shame that sony allowed this game to launch in it’s broken condition…their just as much at fault as capcom

    • Driveclub was broken at launch and ended up brilliant due to continued support, pity the same can’t be said about this

  4. Keeping it off Xbox was their ultimate blunder!!! Sf4 Xbox 360 version was better and had way better servers than the shitstation version. Crapcom needs to learn Sony will make them go bankrupt signing stupid exclusive deals with them.
    Killer Instinct on the other hand keeps increasing their fan base

    • Filler Shitstink got booted out of Evo. It’s dead.

      • You do realize it has its own competition right?
        Stupid ass pony. Sony is going broke and it brings me joy that they are. Samsung needs to release a console so it will be Xbox, Nintendo, an si whatever samsung wants to name their console as competition. Sony faggots like you are just toxic to the gaming industry. Sony as a whole is toxic to the gaming industry since it arrived on te scene.

        • Oh yeah, the one with the prize pool you have to fund yourselves.

          Come to terms with the fact no one cares about your weak games and crawl into a hole.

    • don’t worry buddy, pantie sniffing is free and way better than sfv

  5. I’d have bought it a year ago if it had an arcade mode. I’d buy it today if they patched one in! How hard can it be ffs!!

  6. First off they released the game incomplete. Second they need to stop with the multiple season passes. You give us the game unfinished and then you expect people to shell out money for said season passes.

    Don’t get me wrong w/the updates and story mode it’s a lot better game now than what it was at launch. However enough of the micro transactions. If you haven’t noticed it’s getting old and we gamers are getting tired of it.

  7. And Dead Rising 4, one of those “killer holiday exclusives” Xbox drones keep telling me about, did just 700,000 in its opening month. Pathetic! It will be amusing to see what Snoopy’s excuse is. Maybe he’ll repost that sad 2017 lineup that’ll flop just as hard!

    • So basically 1 million in its first month is bad? Man at the fuck out out of here! 700k on physical (not including digital) move along you stupid ass pony. I’m happy PsVR and Pro flopped hugely! Made Sony close down two studios and some of their movie production. Sony is going broke and that’s the best thing for the gaming industry. Samsung will soon make a console and take Sony place. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Samsung for gaming!!

      • That’s 700k total, Drip. Xbone, PC, digital and physical. Why don’t you buy your own games?

        Go back to finding that hole for you to crawl into.

        • You know what’s that called?? A fan base. Exaclty what Sony and bitches like you lack! No one play games on PS4 they are too busy on ustream or psdaily jerking off or smoking weed trying to rap. Yeah bitch, I had that shit console and sold that worthless shit long time ago. No true gamer plays PlayStation. Only Xbox haters do cos the 360 wiped its ass with another worthless console (PS3) last gen.
          Enjoy your worthless Sony products you dick riding cunt! Sony won’t be around for much longer. That’s a fact even your bitch ass can’t deny.
          Now get mad about that, twat!

          • You are both morons.

          • DR4 did worse than DR3 did with a much, much bigger install base. Why don’t you buy your own games, Xbox cockroach ? Never mind, it’s on Steam and PS4 soon so maybe it’ll have a second chance.

          • Hahahahaha, fat boy Ruelas melting down because Sniper Elite 4 is a joke on the Xbone after he spent weeks shilling for it. Loser!

          • Fat boy? Sniper Elite 4 and melting?
            Thank you….
            thank you very much for showing the gaming world how sub human sony and their fanboy are.
            Enjoy your sub 60fps posPro.
            In the mean time I have games to play unlike you ponies.

          • Yeah, you. Saw your sad little meltdown on Gamespot. Typical Xbox cockroach behaviour. Run off to your years-old mobile F2P games, or that Halo spin-off Baby’s First RTS stuffed with microtransactions that hasn’t got any better since the first game. Pathetic.

            Enjoy your dust.

          • Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
            Wooooooo tough guy.
            I’m exposing you big time. Always a bitch made pony. How about that Vita jap fuck? Oh wait… how about that psNow support??? Bwhahahahahaha!
            Until dawn???? Great movie by the way!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!
            No backward compatibility? Ha ha ha ha ha ha Sony is pimping you like a prostitute and you willingly get on your knees….. ha ha ha ha

          • Only thing you’re exposing is your childishness, loser. Vita’s got more games than the Xbone. Now’s still around on its most used platforms. Clinging to Until Dawn? Great game, by the way. Far better than Ryse and the other launch guff you use to defend your movie player. You don’t have BC either, unless you want to call iffy emulation of 20% of the 360’s library BC.

            Stay mad, bitchtits. 🙂

          • Vita??? Lol! Guess you didn’t get the news… vita is dead! And until dawn is not a game.. it’s a movie and all you do it push X or O for the next scene, but I forgot you’re a worthless pony so you wouldn’t know the difference.
            Boy… I saiiidddd boy you about a dumb as humping a tree. But then again all ponies are.
            Games??? Jap crap don’t count as games, twat.

          • The dead Vita has more games than the Xbone! Embarrassing. yes, Until Dawn is a game, and it’s better than most of the trash on the Bone like Ryse. LOL!

            Doesn’t it? Better tell your fellow Xbox cockroaches then, because they shouldn’t have bought Resident Evil 7, which is the most bought game on the Xbone in January. Awkward!

  8. I bought Mines for $15 last December it has gotten better over time tho

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