The Last Guardian Has Received a Permanent Price-Drop

This morning, twitter user Wario64 noticed that Sony’s exclusive The Last Guardian, seems to have already hit a permanent price-reduction on all store-fronts.

The Last Guardian suffered almost 10 years of development hell, but eventually released two months ago to strong critical reception.

A price-drop merely months after a game’s release sometimes signifies that the game might be doing lower than a company’s expectation, which wouldn’t be surprising considering how the two previous ‘Team Ico’ games sold.

You can purchase The Last Guardian for exactly $40 (almost 33% off of its normal MSRP), on the PlayStation digital storefront. Also, all retailers including online at Amazon (which you can check out here if you’re interested in ordering yourself a physical copy and for our UK readers, here).

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  1. It is 50% off here in Greece. Not even two months from relesase, and it dropped to 29.99 euros.

    • Yeah, 50% off has happened to quite a few games

  2. Considering the game hasn’t been on sale at all in the 2 months it’s been out I see no problem with this. Other games came out and were half price a week or two later. If the new $40 price point gets more people to buy it I see no problem with it. The game is great.

    • “If the new $40 price point gets more people to buy it I see no problem with it.”


  3. Still too much. This is a $19.99 game max for me. Sorry to all these devs who close from weak sales but you need to try harder to get $80 from me for a game now. Especially when I can just PC game and be 40-60% cheaper with deals on GMG etc. Tired of devs phoning it in every year and charging a premium and in many cases raising the price of games. To clarify not all devs phone it in but many do. Thankfully you still have the Naughty Dog’s, Bethesda’s etc.

  4. If it helps sell more, then great. Battlefield 1, Titan Fall 2 and COD sold for $30 sometimes less during the holiday. It’s not a bad sign if you see a price drop. I’ll still buy this used at Gamestop though. I’m a little more with Andrew down there in the comments, its a $20 game.

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