Warner Bros. Teasing New Announcement; Possibly Batman or Shadow of Mordor Related

The last we heard of Batman’s next outing in video games was a leaked report from Kotaku, detailing out a cancelled Suicide Squad title that was being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal.

Today, IGN France tweeted out an image from Warner Bros. Games with the question “what are your thoughts?”

EmbeddedWhile it’s still up in the air on whether or not this is related to the Batman franchise or Shadows of Mordor series (I’m leaning more towards Batman due to the background), one thing is clear; we’ll be knowing more on March 8th. Mark your calendars.

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  1. I believe its going to be a new Batman game cause that teaser image looks nothing like Shadow Of Mordor but i’m glad we’ll hear more about in 8 March

  2. It’s neither. It’s Justice League. Or Superman. I hope……..

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  3. wouldnt it be shadow mordore they revamped the original. batman would be darker the blues they used are stained bright

  4. or maybe it is batman because of the new movie plus batmans eyes glow blue

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