Nintendo President Expects the Switch to Sell as Well as the Wii

While some think that Nintendo are making some mistakes with the Nintendo Switch the President of Nintendo apparently has great confidence in the new console. In his recent interview with Nikkei, Kimishima said that he expects the Switch to sell about as well as the Wii.

He also said that just like the Wii, the Switch offers a unique way of playing games. He also said that Nintendo plans to introduce yearly and monthly paid plans for the online service in the price range of what we reported earlier today. If you missed that it will be in the 2-3,000 yen/year which is about $17.70-$26.50 range.

What do you think of his expectations for the Switch? Do you think it can sell as well as the Wii did? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. If by Wii sells he means Wii-U sells, then yes.

  2. I doubt that.
    The Wii was sold to people that weren’t gamers, the more casual market.
    They moved on to tablets and smartphones.

    Whether it will just sell a lot or not is anyone’s guess.

  3. This is psychotic. I expect the Switch to sell as much as the Wii U, even less looking at what their plan is for its games and services.

    • Shut up u fat lump of shit.


    Nice news days!
    1st I read how good PS4 is doing!
    2nd I read Nioh reviews
    3rd I get this for a good laugh!

  5. Only if they drop the price to under $99 and even then maybe not.

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