Resident Evil 7 Surpasses 100,000 VR Players; Capcom Looking To Focus On VR More Now

The good news keeps on coming for Resident Evil 7 which has already shipped 2.5 million copies already. Now it looks like VR was a good choice by Capcom, as we had already reported that 10% of all players are using VR last week.

Now we can announce that VR users for Resident Evil 7 has surpassed 100,000 which is great news for Capcom who took a big risk with making the game VR compatible.

Here’s a look at the statistic


Capcom has also made it very clear that they will focus on VR more in the future. Which could also mean the next Resident Evil title will also be in first person, and that RE7 was not just a one time change.

Here’s the quote

…with the goal of creating a new market, and has undergone some reorganisation internally to better fit the transition. The company is confident in the move thanks to the “successive releases of VR devices that are highly compatible with games.”

What do you think of these numbers? Do you think VR is here to stay in this generation of video games? Let us know in the comments section below.

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