Five PS4 Games That Run Way Better On Boost Mode

Sony continues to surprise everyone with its great content this year, and the PS4 Pro’s upcoming “boost mode” is easily the highlight of 2017 for PS4 gamers so far. On February 3rd, Sony detailed the features of its upcoming 4.50 PS4 System update. Along with External HDD support, custom wallpapers, and an improved quick menu, PS4 Pro users will be able to use “boost mode” on certain games. “Boost mode” improves the frame-rate performance of games that do not support the PS4-Pro. PS4-Pro owners who have been beta-testing the system’s new 4.50 software update, have been posting videos of Playstation’s upcoming “boost mode”, and it has been nothing short of amazing. While “boost mode” makes only slight improvements in some games; other games such as The Evil Within, Just Cause 3, and Battlefield 4 feel brand-new.

The top five most improved games by the PS4 Pro’s boost mode are:

#5 The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 was many gamer’s “Game of the Year” in 2015 and it was hard to imagine how this game could get any better. The PS4 Pro “boost mode” seems like a small feature, but it has tremendous effects on the gameplay. The Witcher 3 is noticeably smoother and the immersive combat is even more glorious. The frame-rate issues that originally plagued gamers while battling drowners in the swamp and killing enemies in Novigrad have vanished in the PS4 Pro’s “boost mode.” Check out the improved gameplay below:

#4 Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity, suffered frame-rate issues mainly due to the game’s large crowded areas. Fortunately, the game now runs at a very stable 30FPS. Run across roof tops and in-between crowds on your way to assassinate your next target without any frame-rate issues. Watch the improved the improved Assassin’s Creed Unity below:

#3 The Evil Within

The Evil Within easily made the top 5 list, with frame-rate problems arguably being the biggest issue with the game. Gamers who purchased The Evil Within often complained that it felt as if they were playing  in slow motion; that issue is now made irrelevant with the “boost mode” of the PS4 Pro. The clunky frame-rate is not entirely fixed, but it is greatly improved. Watch the comparison video below and see the insane difference for yourself:

#2 Just Cause 3

Avalanche studio should be spamming Sony with “Thank You letters” for the rest of the year. Thanks to the PS4 Pro’s “boost mode” Just Cause 3 plays like an entirely new game. Since launch, Just Cause 3 has been almost unplayable, constantly plagued with various frame-rate issues. The biggest allure of Just Cause 3 were the explosions of buildings, vehicles and the surrounding environment, but ironically players were not able to fully enjoy the gameplay because of the frame-rate issues. Check out the vastly improved experience for yourself:

#1 Battlefield 4

After watching the Just Cause 3 “boost mode” gameplay, I was convinced that no other game could come close to being ranked #1 on this list…I was wrong. Battlefield 4 may look like the same game, but it plays completely different. Online gameplay is smooth, quick, and it has finally made a jump to running a stable 60 FPS. This is how multiplayer shooters are meant to be played. You may want to think about buying this game again after watching this gameplay:

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  1. Really need to get myself a Pro! I’ve still yet to find the time to play Witcher 3 expansions so might just save it until I do get one. Same with Just Cause 3 as I never bought it due to hearing bad things

    • In the same boat as you. Still need to finish W3 expansions and play JC3. Looks like the PS4 Pro is a great excuse to find the time.

  2. you LITERALLY made a list of games that run better on beast mode just yesterday which included all these games anyways… and now you’ve made a top 5 most improved.. you guys running out of news..? loool

    • Listing out the boost mode games and ranking the top 5 out of that list is not the same thing.

      • if you genuinely think so then you are part f the problem… this is scarping bottom of the barrel garbage! its the same

        • LOL alright buddy. seems the other way around.

  3. Nice, this has just made the Pro even more worth it to me. I think Sony should be seeing a uptick in sales for both Pros and games, because the boost mode should entice more people to get the Pro and alot more people will be buying alot more games now that their space issues are alleviated.

  4. Very nice! But those games are too old for me right now

  5. Really looking forward to boost mode! Cmon Sony, release it.

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