Here’s A List Of PS4 Games That Have Been Tested Using Boost Mode; What Has Changed?

Users on NeoGaf have been testing a wide range of games, and have been posting their impressions along with videos and GIF’s for some of the games. Of the games that have been tested so far here’s the reactions with some also including video/GIF comparisons.

A lot of these are great choices to play if you have a gaming projector, the visuals on the FPS are really enhanced.

Note: Boost mode will do nothing extra for games with pro patches which is why those games are not on this list. It could however help for unpatched games that had a pro patch.

Alien Isolation 

Minor framerate drops are now gone with boost mode.



Improved framerate.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag 

No visible improvements with boost mode.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity 

This has been called one of the best upgrades with boost mode by far. AC: Unity was plagued with performance issues and still had some after patches. Most notably was that the game ran pretty bad when in crowded areas, but with boost mode, it runs extremely smooth.

Here’s a video to show how great it’s running with boost mode activated.

Assetto Corsa

Running much smoother with boost mode.

Attack on Titan

Improved framerate.

Batman: Arkham Knight 

Screen tearing issues are pretty much non existent when boost mode is on. Another great difference out of all the games with boost mode on.

Batman: The Telltale Series

Runs much smoother. Original mode can drop to as low as 15FPS.

Battlefield 4 

Battlefield 4’s online was plagued with framerate drops online and dropped to as low as 35 FPS. It’s now running at a very stable 60FPS and looks great! Maybe the best of them all?


Bloodborne also runs smoother with boost mode, but isn’t perfect and still has some framerate issues even with boost mode on. Here’s a GIF comparison.

Bioshock Infinite Remastered 

Solid locked 60FPS with boost mode.

Borderlands : The Handsome Collection

Still suffers from slowdowns, but not as much with boost mode.


“Broforce runs better, but it’s still not smooth. Definitely a noticeable improvement.”


Call Of Duty: Ghosts 

Multiplayer is pretty much locked to 60FPS when on boost mode, without boost mode it wasn’t for some maps. Campaign is also locked to 60FPS.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare 

The original PS4 had some slight framerate drops to as low as 53FPS, when boost mode is on like Ghosts it’s pretty much locked to 60FPS. Multiplayer is very smooth.



Running at a locked 60FPS, would run “close to 60FPS” originally.

Costume Quest 2

Running at a locked 60FPS, would run “close to 60FPS” originally.

Darksiders II 

Now locked to 30FPS and screen tearing issues on the original PS4 are now gone when in boost mode.

Dark Souls III

Improved framerate, but still suffering from framepacing issues.


Daylight had terrible framerate issues, and it looks like boost mode has improved the framerate for this title.

Dead Island Remastered 

Pretty much nothing has changed with boost mode on.

Dead Nation

Running at a locked 60FPS, would run “close to 60FPS” originally.

Dead Rising

Much improved and smoother framerate. Load times are also slightly faster.

Dead Rising 2

Runs smoother and at a solid 60FPS.

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record 

Runs at a solid 60FPS, outside framerate drops are gone and still runs at 60FPS.


Improved load times.

Orbit to the Tower
Boost- 56.65 (tested twice)
No boost- 1:10.12 sec

To orbit from tower
Boost- 10.53
No boost- 16 sec

Orbit to iron temple
Boost- 50.77
No boost- 1:11.44

Iron temple to orbit
Boost- 9.72
No boost- 10.98

Orbit to Mars
Boost- 39.02
No boost- 38.22

Mars to Orbit
Boost- 9.81
No boost- 10.56

Orbit to WoM
Boost- 37.82
No boost- 39.61

Source for times. 

Dishonored: Definitive Edition 

The original Dishonored remaster was notable for having framerate issues, but now runs at a locked 30FPS even in areas were it suffered the most (sewers)

DOOM (2016)

There were some slight framerate dips on the original PS4, but it now runs at a smooth 60FPS even when there’s many enemies on screen which usually caused the dips.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Very minor framerate improvements


Motion blur slightly improved in some cases.

Dying Light

Mixed response to Dying Light when running on boost mode. There’s some framerate improvements but it seems to add stuttering too.

Earth Defence Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair

Speeds up load times and lessens screen tearing issues.

Everybodys Gone To The Rapture

Boost mode makes the game smoother, but not perfect. Close to a 30FPS lock.

 The Evil Within
The Evil Within might be the most improved game with boost mode activated. It had many framerate issues on the original PS4 and was almost like playing the game in slow motion. Runs much smoother with boost mode.

Fallout 4

Must be noted that it will be getting a pro patch soon so it won’t matter but we will still share the impression prior to the patch.

Runs smoother, load times slightly improved.

Far Cry: Primal 

Runs smoother, less framerate drops.

Final Fantasy XIV

Improved framerate in populated areas.

Grand Theft Auto V

Improved framerate when driving in the city.

Grow Home

No noticeable improvements, lots of stuttering and is running worse with boost mode on.

Homefront: Revolution 

Had many issues with the framerate which was patched, but still wasn’t completely fixed. Running much smoother with boost mode.

Just Cause 3 

Just Cause 3 had many framerate issues that got worse even after patches, and would go down to as low as 20FPS. Boost mode has now made the framerate a stable 30FPS.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Framerate improvements, running at a smoother 60FPS.

Legend Of Kay Anniversary

Locked to 60FPS, originally ran only close to 60FPS.

Lichdom Battlemage

Notable for having bad performance issues, but with boost mode it’s running at 50-60FPS rather than drops to 30FPS. Much smoother overall.

Lords Of The Fallen 

Almost locked to 30FPS with screen tearing issues almost gone.

Mad Max 

Minor framerate improvements

Mighty No 9

Had lots of slowdowns and dips originally, boost mode however makes it completely smooth experience. Yes, boost mode made Might No 9 better somehow.

Oddworld New And Tasty

Locked to 30FPS.

Project Cars

Running much better. There’s still issues with the framerate when racing with wet tracks with a lot on the screen. Overall it’s noticeably improved compared to the non boosted version.



Runs as bad as it did originally even with boost mode.

PT Demo 

Yep, even demo’s are getting boost as many have reported that the demo is running smoother. Noting camera movement is especially smoother.

Pure Pool

Locked to 60FPS. Stuttering when zooming in and out and round the table is now gone with boost mode.

Rainbow Six Siege 

After more testing. There is a hard 60FPS cap in Versus mode. There is no cap in Terrorist Hunt. It ranges from 70FPS to 100FPS in game, even during fierce firefight


Resident Evil 5

Minor framerate drops that happen on the original PS4 are now gone when in boost mode.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Runs at 60FPS even during parts were the game suffered bad framerate drops on the original PS4. Some crashing issues have been reported with boost mode on.

Rocket League 

Would dip on some stages, now running at a smooth, locked 60 FPS.

Shadow Complex

Still suffering from the same issues, no changes even with boost mode.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Had noticeable framerate dips originally, boost mode keeps it at a solid 60 FPS.

Sleeping Dogs 

Driving still causes some framerate issues, and not as smooth as when on foot which has improved and is much smoother.


Multiple people have confirmed that the game crashes when boost mode has been turned on. Others report that it does work but has horrible performance with it on.

Star Wars Battlefront 

Framerate has improved, and performing much smoother with boost mode on.

Street Fighter V

Load times improved. Tested by a user on NeoGaf. 

Launching the game to SFV Logo screen:
Normal: 42.3 s
Boost: 35.6 s

Main Menu to Stage Select (for Versus):
Normal: 20.2 s
Boost: 14.4 s

Character Select to Match in Hillside Plaza (Ryu and Ken selected):
Normal: 20.7 s
Boost: 17.3 s

Tales From The Borderlands 

Runs smoother with boost mode.

Tomb Raider (2014 remaster) 

Solid 60FPS lock. Improved from the non boosted version.

Table Top Racing

Runs at a locked 60FPS, originally used to dip in certain places.

The Talos Principal

Running at a much smoother 55-60FPS, much improved over the framerate on the original PS4 which dropped to 35FPS.

Trivial Pursuit Live

Still suffering from stuttering, hardly improved.

Tropico 5

Much smoother when you have a built up island, which caused many issues without boost mode on. Still has dipping under 30FPS issues but is improved.

Until Dawn 

Runs smoother, framerate on the original PS4 version would dip down to 20FPS but now is at least 30-40FPS due to unlocked framerate. Still suffering from stuttering issues.

The Witcher 3 

Faster load times, and much smoother in areas which caused problems like swamps.

Yakuza 0 

Framerate drops and screen tearing issues are gone when playing the game in boost mode.


If there’s any games you have tested that we have missed, please notify us in the comments section below.

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  1. Great improvements. Although how many of those improvements are really noticeable? I think those games that are running badly are noticeable but what about the others?

  2. Mirrors edge catalyst had some sort of dynamic polycount on FOV setting. please test.

  3. In other words: you really have to be stupid to sink money into an XBone or XBone S.

    Time to upgrade to that PS4 Pro.

    • nope just that fact that you actually think boost mode will do any thing but smooth out the ps4 pro’s bottlle necking issues and it still may not help.

      all its going to do is help smooth out low fps nothing more.whats sad is you think its something

      • Clearly you haven’t understood anything

        • really all these tests prove me right did you even read the article?…all the tests show solid fps no dips.

      • It plays the games that have been tested already better than any other console right now so not sure what you are trying to downplay Hvd. Man people like you that just prefer one console have real insecurity issues.

        • the xbox one s did this from day 1… and it took a so called boost mode to get it on the ps4 pro…lmao.blind people like you make me sick.

          • Oh really? So these same games don’t have framerate problems on Xbox One? Think you might need to go do your fact checking there bud. Not to mention the resolution on many of these games is worse on the Xbox One S yet they still suffer the same framerate problems.

      • There is no bottle necking issues. If the game can be have faster frame rates so be it. If it is hard coded then there won’t be any benefits. Either way it’s a much better alternative than to game on a handicapped console like the XBone.

      • PS4 Pro now improves virtually EVERY game either with Pro patch or Boost mode.

        Games like Horizon are stunning in cb 2160p with better texture streaming/resolution.

        Rise of the Tomb Raider and CoD Infinite/Modern Warfare is gorgeous on Pro in high resolution mode.

        Watchdogs 2 is beautiful at 1800p.

        Even Fallout 4 and Skyrim are far more attractive on PS4 Pro. 1440p with improved lighting and draw distance and native 4k (Skyrim).

        Final Fantasy XV is stunning at 1800p hdr with improved textures and effects. I can’t imagine how FFXV looks on xbone at 720-900p. Imagine playing it on an OG xbone without hdr and at 720-900p?

        Nioh and Battleborn look great at native 4k.

        Gravity Rush 2 and Ratchet are gorgeous at 2160p.

        Non Pro patched games like Witcher 3, Just Cause 3, AC Unity, Evil Within, Arkham Knight, Destiny, SFV, Battlefront, Rainbow 6 Siege, Yakuza 0, Until Dawn, Final Fantasy XIV, Homefront ect see huge improvements in framerate and/or load times on PS4 Pro with Boost mode.

    • everyone knows that xbox is done.

      there is 0 point to buy it,unless you need uhd player.

      buy Pro and be happy.

      actually you will cry afterwards,because PS4 has so many exclusives that your wallet get insane.

  4. Any improvements for DOOM?

    • DOOM has a more locked 60fps with fewer drops. Yes.

  5. all its going to do is smooth out the fps issues the ps4 pro has because of its bottleneck and it still wont help that will help the ps4 pro’s low fps drops thats it.

    games that are at 30fps are LOCKED at 30 fps unless the devs patches that.there will be no graphic improvements

    • U have no clue what u are saying. Boost mode will improve fps and load times in non pro patched games. Games like Witcher 3, Evil Within, AC Unity, and Just Cause 3 see huge framerate improvements compared to the standard PS4/xb1 version.

      Games with unlocked framerate will potentially increase from a 30fps range to a near 60, but even games with a locked 30 or 60fps will have a more stable and more locked 30 or 60fps. Most games with a locked framerate do see fps drops and are rarely a consistent 30 or 60fps. With boost mode they will be.

      Dishonored Definitive is locked at 30fps but rarely does it run consistently at 30. The framerate is typically in the low to mid 20’s on PS4/xb1. But with Boost mode on PS4 Pro it is a smooth 30fps with no dips. Basically every game now will be improved if u have Pro. Either by Pro patch or Boost mode. With a few odd exceptions.


    I can safely confirm that LittleBigPlanet 3 received significant performance increased in demanding scenarios of any levels. there still some framerate drops and frame-tearing but it should be more playable.

    but then again, LBP is a type of a game that allows you to push the limits of the engine and platform.

    btw, I didn’t tested the load time, but its the best to test this yourself.

  7. I’m kinda considering upgrading to the PS4 pro now. At first I wasn’t so happy about it. But this is a really cool feature


      • Who really cares!? Playstation and Xbox largely all play the same games. I have a PS4, Xbox One, and a Wii U. I can tell you that somethings on Xbox are worse like main system menu is sluggish, twitch streaming is sluggish when getting it started, etc. However, on the PS4 the store runs laggy, I have to close it/re open it at times which is annoying. So, the Twitch App is better on the PS4 and the Xbox Store is better then the Playstation store. Also in some games like Arkham Knight the Xbox runs at 900p and the PS4 runs at 1080p. Is their a difference you may ask… Well, if I pause the game and look at the screen I see that the PS4 version does look a little more crisp, but how many times when playing the game do you actually pause it and stare at the screen?? Probably never so in a real play scenario this is irrelevant and not noticeable at all.

        As for my Wii U it is in a totally different category of it’s own because it largely does not play the same games as PS or Xbox. Are the PS and Xbox more powerful systems with a better online system? Absolutely! However, I bought the Wii U for Nintendo exclusive games that I play for how fun they are and not the graphics at all such as; Zelda, Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Mario 3D Land, Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Metroid, etc. These are all great games that look good enough, but are loads of fun to play. As a whole Nintendo has more iconic & fun platform type games (Like Mario) then PS or Xbox ever had on a good day. Nintendo just needs to build an online system similar to PS and Xbox that is centered around sociability & playing games with friends.

        I did sell my PS4 and I got a PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is the most powerful system out now. Overall, it is a definite improvement across the board, but I will admit that Bethesda did a horrible job on Skyrim Remastered on the PS4 Pro and it’s rubbish compared to the regular PS4. Framrate so low, choppy, ghosting, jitters, etc that it gave me headaches and I was forced to quit playing it. This isn’t the consoles fault tho. This is Bethesda’s fault because tons of other games run and look amazing on the PS4 Pro in 4k HDR.

        My point is… I could go all day about how one console is better or worse in a certain specific area then another, but that’s irrelevant because all of the consoles as a whole do offer some great games to play and in most cases the differences are very subtle between them and shouldn’t really be a factor in your purchase.

        Xbox Scorpio is not out yet and could it be more powerful then the PS4 Pro? Of course it could be! For me, that is irrelevant because the PS4 Pro looks damn good enough and some games like Uncharted will never come to Xbox. Then again Halo will never come to PS4 and I have fun playing it too. I may buy a Scorpio when they launch, but that would mostly be so I can play Halo in 4K HDR.

        I am no fan boy, but I can honestly say every console has enough good points about them to make them all fun platforms to game on. It’s more a matter of what games do you like the most, but instead people like to turn this into a “My console is bigger and better then your’s” Which is annoying.

        • “Xbox Scorpio is not out yet and could it be more powerful then the PS4 Pro? Of course it could be! ”

          “could” nah- it simply will be more powerful…we have known that since Scorpio was announced and Pro launched.

          • Unless what I saw was wrong, Xbox Head Phil Spencer has since stated that it still is not true 4K. This was a couple of months back so I don’t remember what I saw it on, but I remember seeing something where he said this. Or allegedly said it because again, I don’t remember where I saw it.

        • Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Nier, The Last Guardian, Nioh, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Night in the Woods, Tales of Berseria, Horizon. That is some of the highly rated exclusives the past few months on PS4. You aint gettin that on an xbone.

      • Wow, just wow… Nerd out much ? lol.

      • Ps5 will be looming on your horizon by then I could care I have hem alll

      • Goodluck playing Horizon and Nioh..

        Horizon at 2160p is stunning. Nioh looks nice at native 4k. How is that 900p lookin upscaled to 4k on xboneS?

      • kids and their xbox.

        • Queers and their PlayStation

          • You sir are a bawbag

  8. Getting a Xbox One S and a PS4 …should I get s Pro or not? Not 100% sure I’m getting a 4K TV yet (I’ve got my eye on a $599 60 LG TV).

    • If you don’t yet own a PS4 then you should absolutely buy a Pro instead. Even if you don’t have a 4K tv yet you’ll be set when you do. A $100 more for the upgrades Pro offers is worth it.

      • Thanks. I’m hoping to find a Pro bundle for $399.

  9. Framerate drops and screen tearing issues are mainly sorted out thanks to the Boost Mode, while faster loading times is a bonus, and thanks to the above boost mode game-play seems smoother on normal PS4 unpatched games. I say that is a result☺

  10. This boost mode of PS4 Pro i good so many games runs smoother

  11. Have you tried Ark: Survival Evolved?

  12. EA SPORTS UFC 2 boot modes Please!!

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