Tekken 7 Download Size Revealed; It’s Unexpected

The listing for Tekken 7 has just gone up on the PlayStation Store, revealing some pertinent information regarding how large the game will be to download to your PlayStation 4.

Coming in at a whopping 45 minimum GB download, Tekken 7 rivals previous fighting games on the PS4 such as Street Fighter V (which was only around 20 GB).

Tekken 7’s story claims to be one of love, revenge, and pride. Stating that everyone a reason to fight. Tekken 7’s story explores what define us and make us human, regardless of our strengths and weaknesses. Explaining that there are no wrong motivations, just the path we choose to take.

You can pre-order Tekken 7 for a limited time while it’s still only $50 here. 

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  1. I wonder what’s taking Tekken 7 too long to be ported to PS4, when it’s in the arcades for awhile now. I even played it in a PS4 in a Playstation gaming event last October, along with FFXV and Little Nightmares.

    • considering the current ps4 version looks inferior to an arcade version that barely looks any better than a Ps3 game then I think they still need some time optimizing the game and well optimizing those other modes as well.

      • Since they are taking their time on it, I hope they include Eliza on it. She’s a tough grind in Tekken Revo, it will be nice to see her in 7.

        • She already has a trailer. She’s a pre-order bonus for all versions in all stores.

          • Wow, I don’t preorder anything ever. How can I get her? Lol

          • You’ll most likely have to wait a while till they release her as a DLC. Character DLCs are usually free in Tekken anyway. That’s what they did in Tag 2. All preorder characters were made available sometime after release for free.

          • Afraid not, the marketing posters for Eliza say in small print at the bottem “Eliza will be released later as paid for DLC some time after launch” or something similar to that. Here is a pic of it http://imgur.com/wgyilJE

            Apparently Tekken fans WANTED to pay for additional content after Tekken Tag 2 came out, even though I was perfectly happy with TTT2’s business model of ALL FREE. 🙁

          • Ugh, seriously? Well Harada may change that in the future. He does change things usually.

          • That’s good. Eliza is not main anyway. I can wait for a DLC.

        • Also how can you be a big enough Tekken fan and know who Eliza is and then claim to NOT know that she was announced as a character along with Tekken 7’s release date about 2 weeks ago??? Come on man.

          • I am not aware, probably missed that detail Lol. The last time I played the game Eliza is not there yet and not yet announced to be included. I’ll check the details of the game again once the release is close.

  2. Errr didn’t Street Fighter V launch WITHOUT the story? Doesn’t that just scream the lack of content right there and from an Unreal 4 engine game too. Tekken 7’s cutscene video files are probably going to be encoded at 1080p and there more than likely will be one for every character.

    Also Tekken Tag 2’s cutscenes were the best ones since Tekken 4, they had the best blend of humour and seriousness for each specific character they were aimed at AND alot of them were quite lengthy, not the 30 second crap we saw on Tekken 6 (due to the 360s abysmal 7.3gb dvd size discs in 2009).

    So Tekken 7’s cutscenes will probably occupy about 40% of the space of the game alone like pretty much every iteration of the games to date. Quite the OPPOSITE of “unexpected” wouldn’t you agree?

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