For Honor Trophies/Achievements Have Been Revealed

For Honor, is just a week away from being released and we have finally received the Trophy List. The game will feature a total of 55 trophies; 1 platinum, 2 gold, 6 silver and 46 bronze trophies. You can find the list of trophies you will receive as you hack-and-slash as a Viking, Samurai, or Knight below:

Battle-Hardened Veteran: Complete All Trophies—Platinum

Dishonorable Discharge: Complete the Knight Chapter—Bronze

Working Hard for the Loot: Complete the Viking Chapter—Bronze

If you want peace, prepare for war: Complete the Samurai Chapter—Bronze

Welcome To The Blackstone Legion: Complete Mission 1—Bronze

Hooligan: Get 100 % of the Breakables from all Missions in Story Mode—Bronze

Lore Master: Get 100 % of the Observables from all Missions in Story Mode—Bronze

An Average Accomplishment: Complete Story Mode at Normal difficulty—Bronze

A Remarkable Accomplishment: Complete Story Mode at Hard difficulty—Bronze

An Exceptional Accomplishment: Complete Story Mode at Realistic difficulty—Bronze

A Beginning: Reach Story Level 10 in Story Mode—Bronze

A Middle: Reach Story Level 20 in Story Mode—Bronze

An End: Reach maximum Story Level 30 in Story Mode—Bronze

Getting the band back together: Recruit all 4 Heroes of a single Faction—Bronze

Get Knighted: Reach Reputation 1 with one of the Knight Heroes—Bronze

Impressive: Reach Reputation 1 with one of the Samurai Heroes—Bronze

I’ve Heard Your Name: Reach Reputation 1 with one of the Viking Heroes—Bronze

Legendary Hero: Reach Reputation 5 with any Hero—Silver

Long Way Down: Kill 50 Opponents by throwing them off a ledge—Silver

Anything Can Be A Weapon: Throw an opponent into fire or spikes 50 times—Bronze

Unfair Fight: Kill an enemy in a 1V2 situation in PvP—Bronze

Heads Up!: Kill 25 Heroes by attacking them from above in PvP—Bronze

Principled Warrior: Complete a Dominion PvP match without a single Dishonorable Kill—Bronze

Do it for the Honor!: Complete 50 Honorable Kills in 4v4 PvP matches—Bronze

I’ve Got Your Back!: Save an ally 50 times in 4v4 PvP matches—Bronze

You’re On Fire!: Get 5 Kill Streaks of 5 kills in Elimination or Skirmish in PvP—Gold

Look At All These Feats: Get the max Renown level 50 times in Dominion PvP matches—Bronze

Revenge Spammer: Activate Revenge mode 50 times—Bronze

You Can’t Touch This: Parry attacks 50 Times—Bronze

Like Killing Ants: Kill 5000 soldiers—Bronze

Duelist: Win your first Duel PvP match—Bronze

Duel Master: Win 20 Duel PvP matches—Bronze

Brawler: Win your first Brawl PvP match—Bronze

Brawl Master: Win 20 Brawl PvP matches—Bronze

Dominator: Win your first Dominion PvP match—Bronze

Dominion Master: Win 20 Dominion PvP matches—Bronze

Skirmisher: Win your first Skirmish PvP match—Bronze

Skirmish Master: Win 20 Skirmish PvP matches—Bronze

Eliminator: Win your first Elimination PvP match—Bronze

Elimination Master: Win 20 Elimination PvP matches—Bronze

Gear Head: Level up a piece of Gear of any rarity to its maximum level—Silver

Discerning Taste: Equip your first Symbol, Paint Pattern and Color Swatch on any Hero—Bronze

Play Your Way: Equip a different Effect, Emote and Execution on a single Hero—Bronze

Swag Up: Equip a Hero with Heroic Armor and Weapons in all Gear slots—Gold

Makeover!: Change the visual of any piece of Gear—Bronze

Evening Wear: Update a second loadout for a Hero by setting a feat other than the default—Bronze

You’re So Vain: Equip an Ornament on all 4 Heroes of a single Faction—Bronze

You’re A Wizard: Set 4 non-default Feats for a single Hero—Bronze

Cry Havoc: Manually deploy War Assets on a territory for the first time—Bronze

Let Slip The Dogs Of War: Manually deploy War Assets on territories 100 times—Silver

For Honor!: Participate in a Season and come back to see the results at the start of the next Season—Bronze

A Reservist: Manually deploy War Assets in 5 different Rounds—Bronze

Active Duty: Manually deploy War Assets in 50 different Turns—Bronze

Warmonger: Manually deploy War Assets on 10 enemy territories—Silver

Protector: Manually deploy War Assets on 10 friendly territories—Silver


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