How Should “Xbox Scorpio” Answer PS4 Pro’s Amazing Boost Mode?

The gaming community can not stop gasping in amazement of the PS4 Pro’s “boost mode,” and the vast improvements that it is has made in games such as Battlefield 4, Just Cause 3, and The Evil Within. The PS4 Pro’s boost mode allows for improved gameplay and higher frame rates for games that that do not support the PS4-Pro. Beta-testers of the system’s new 4.50 software update, have been posting videos of the upcoming “boost mode” and the improvements for some games is jaw-dropping.

An entire list of games that can played with “boost mode” can be found here. “Boost mode”, is literally a game-changer, and it quickly increased the pressure on Microsoft to impress the gaming community with its presentation of the Xbox Scorpio. Fortunately for Microsoft, the Xbox Scorpio already includes some fantastic and unique abilities, such as the capability to play PC games and high-end VR; and it would not be surprising for Microsoft to develop a similar “boost mode” for the Xbox Scorpio, which they could apply to their growing library of backwards compatible games.

If all goes according to plan, Xbox Scorpio will include backwards compatibility, which is a feature that neither the PS4 nor Pro version currently have. Phil Spencer stated via twitter that “360 BC on Scorpio works the same as it does on XB1 so the list of games will be the same.” If Microsoft can develop their own “boost mode” or similar feature, to enhance the FPS for backwards compatible Xbox 360 games, their hypothetical “boost mode” would apply to numerous previous-gen games, which PS4 Pro gamers would not be able to experience.

This would be a distinct feature that only Xbox Scorpio could claim, since Sony has yet to even hint at backwards compatibility for the PS4 or the Pro. I am excited just imagining playing Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, or any of the Mass Effect games with improved FPS.

Microsoft has hinted that they are looking into making original Xbox games backwards compatible with the Xbox One (which would include the Xbox Scorpio). Phil Spencer said via twitter in regards to BC for Xbox original games “We haven’t ruled it out but we aren’t working on it right now. I’d like to find the time to do it.”

If Microsoft follows through on this rumor, an Xbox Scorpio “boost mode” that could be applied to Xbox original games, which would be a phenomenal capability for the Xbox Scorpio. A hypothetical “boost mode” for the Xbox Scorpio, which could improve the FPS of backwards compatible games, may be too much to ask, but it is not out of reach for Microsoft.

Fortunately, Microsoft does not have to rely on creating new features for the Xbox Scorpio to compete with PS4 Pro’s “boost mode”, it can easily rely on its ability to run PC games and its promising VR. Having the vast library of PC games is a feature that most gamers would gladly take over PS4 Pro’s “boost mode.”

If Microsoft lives up to its promise of releasing a console capable of rendering high-end virtual reality, it may be able to separate themselves from Sony’s PSVR (made a bit more difficult with the success of PSVR on RE7). Microsoft has to make sure they are able to distinguish themselves from Sony’s lackluster PSVR launch; Xbox VR games need to be finished and ready to launch with Xbox Scorpio, and need to be full-length games, not glorified VR tech demos.


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  1. It’s like calling “amazing” a football game that features a ball

  2. This is a very dumb article…

    Maybe the writer should go back and read (and view) some of Phil Spencer’s comments about performance boot to games that are/were released prior to Scorpio release…

    • I agree with you (scary!), stupid article!

      Also, Scorpio is going to run PC games now? When did they announce that? And again with the high fidelity VR when we have absolutely no clue if and how it will support it (if with Vive and Rift it won’t be higher fidelity than on the PS4 Pro).

      And last but not least: of course Scorpio will have something similar, even the One S already had but on a much smaller scale, so I’m expecting Scorpio to do so as well.

      Silly article is silly, typical thisgen….

      • First party games that made it to pc, Scorpio will be using the assets such as the 4K frame buffer (Gears 4, Forza Horizon 3)

        I guess this will basically allow The Coalition or PlayGround to port the game in like 2days i guess

        • Yeah, should ease the work indeed, they at least have the assets ready and am sure being 1st party studios they knew what to include in the code to make it easier to get it to run great on the Scorpio. Though am sure they still need to dive into the code a bit after the Scorpio is final (hardware should be by now, maybe some APIs are not at this time), also they need to add the 4k assets since I doubt those are already included in the X1 version.

  3. What microsoft should have do for the last 4 years is to give us variety of games. 50% more power is not enough to see changes if there are no MS exclusive games people want to play.
    Talking about non-existing platform makes no sense. Scorpio is not here yet and if you don’t find your xbox one entertaining, nothing will change with stronger gpu.

    • I find it very entertaining. It will only get better.

      • Impossible to get worse;)

        • troll

          • well tbh… he’s not lying.. .2017 is looking BLEAK! lool

          • @disqus_jk72p6Teqn:disqus

            You make a good point but I am sure that comment will get you deemed a troll as well.

          • but im not trolling… in all honesty the highlight of this year is about news about a new console.. there isn’t anything huge to talk about at this stage in terms of software… IF Xbox dropped Alan Wake 2… or a Project Gotham Racing.. then fuck yeah lool.. but as things stand for whats coming out… its really between bleak and meh..

          • @disqus_jk72p6Teqn:disqus


          • ahahahahahahahhaah looool… damn i take it people dont like him…?

          • Troll #3

          • @KashIsKlay:disqus Dumbass #3

          • Very creative

          • @KashIsKlay:disqus

            Actually his comment is mostly true. LOL Of course it will make Xbox Fanboys like yourself salty. MS has been clumsy and haphazard this generation. Not that Sony has been flawless, but MS did so much wrong out of the gate they never recovered from it.

            Remember MS wanted to turn your retail disc based games into digital downloads. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Xbox One would have been impossible for the military to use while on deployment had MS not made huge changes to their OS, basically gutting years of work from the system. Years of work that could have been spent making it a better console instead of making it a console to lock people in with DRM.

          • Troll #2

          • @KashIsKlay:disqus

            Obviously your narrow little mind doesn’t have enough room for the actual definition of Troll.

            Why don’t you try participating in the debate rather than taking pot shots at people while you stand on the sideline. I am sure you are very articulate and will blow us all away with your persuasive debate skills.

          • You haven’t stated anything definitive or fact. You are just running your mouth in an effort to appear as an intellectual. Despite that effort you have failed with flying colors. – Peace

          • @KashIsKlay:disqus Dumbass #2

          • @KashIsKlay:disqus Dumbass

  4. Y’all acting like Boost Mode is great, it is, but if anything, it’s more proof that the PS4 Pro was half-baked at launch. This performance improvement should’ve happened naturally with that much more computing power.

    • True!

      But if your on Sony’s shoes they had to release a half baked console early to try and take away some hype from Scorpio.

      • BS, rumours for the Pro started way earlier, in fact, already started at end of 2015. The leaks of the specs and compatibility mode were leaked before from documents that had been used on last year’s GDC which way before any rumours started of the Scorpio.

        I love it how some people like to re-write history!

      • @WryMouthX:disqus

        Nonsense see my response to @jabl76mba:disqus.

    • Riiiggghhhtttt….because you know how easy it is to make all this stuff to work. Typical know nothing nobody, spouting off at the mouth about things he has no clue about. Yikes.

    • @jabl76mba:disqus — UTTER NONSENSE!

      You don’t know what you are talking about you are taking your experience with PCs and applying it to consoles which are different animals. If you have software written for a single spec just opening up the flood gates to the additional CPU/GPU power isn’t a solution.

      The reason why your PC games can “grow” with your hardware upgrades is because the games are designed for that. PC games have various assets and features that make them a great fit for “scaleable performance”. Console games are optimized to a single spec.

      The fact that you are clueless to this completely disqualifies you from maintaining any credibility if you wish to continue with this discussion. The people who liked your comment are equally clueless. Yes that includes you Edonus, Rafoca, Brian, KashisKlay, wobblypops46.

      PS4 Pro was designed to provide a boost to the hardware without recreating the PS4 and thus making the Pro a difficult transition for developers. Which is why all the components are very similar to the PS4 with additional performance. Also it helped Sony meet a competitive price point at $399. Microsoft will struggle with keeping the price of the XB1 Scorpio $99 or lower.

      There is nothing half baked about the PS4 Pro. The fact that Xbox One is changing the architecture for Xbox One Scorpio to more closely match the PS4 should tell anyone that Microsoft half baked the original design for the Xbox One. Maybe when Microsoft was designing the Xbox One they shouldn’t have been so focused on an always online, DRM laden media machine.

      • You must be one of those kids that throws a temper tantrum whenever reality doesn’t meet expectations. That’s okay boo-boo, go ahead and cry, the PS4 Pro still doesn’t play some games as fast as a regular PS4 and even others are playing slower with the Boost patch. You on the other hand are a whiny, little b*tch. Too bad for you there’s no software to cure your stupidity, lol. Ciao.

        • @jabl76mba:disqus

          Did I get personal with you? No, I pointed out that you were ignorant to what you were speaking about. Your response is the very definition of temper tantrum yet you project that status on me.

          You were talking out your a-hole, I called you out on your fanboy laden BS and you get salty and butt hurt. While accusing me of being a child.

          Maybe your vagina is too sensitive for video games have you ever considered an alternate hobby such as collecting tampons?

          • You’re a certified riot Diggler, lol. Do you and keep on hating, other people have already called you out for the same thing on this article and others. And for the record, I own an XB1 and PS4. Grow up, I don’t got any more time to waste dealing with a temper-tantrum kid. Go whine to your mommy, haha

  5. “Jaw dropping”? What is this?, Dualshockers?

    • @omarcominyo:disqus

      No DualShockers actually knows how to write a compelling article that isn’t based on assumption, presumption and fanboyism.

      • I know you’re joking!(or a Sony fanboy who laps up any old shi*e)
        They(or should I say he) stretch out Sony tweets(or any little tit bit of info) into 2 or 3 articles whilst using words like ‘Magnificent’ and ‘Mindblowing’ etc
        They did it with Driveclub and The Order and are now doing the same thing with Horizon and Last Of Us 2!
        It’s so transparent it’s laughable!!

        • @omarcominyo:disqus

          I know you’re joking!(or a Sony fanboy who laps up any old shi*e)

          While I prefer Sony consoles, that doesn’t mean I am a fanboy I am an informed consumer. 🙂

          They(or should I say he) stretch out Sony tweets(or any little tit bit
          of info) into 2 or 3 articles whilst using words like ‘Magnificent’ and
          ‘Mindblowing’ etc

          Yeah it’s called expository writing. DualShockers doesn’t treat game news like an inside joke and assume everyone knows the punch line. They deliver the story and explain who the players are and why its important. Most writers for gaming websites these days are fairly terrible and it is obvious that many of them haven’t competed AP English in high school.

          Everyone who is writing for or against something will use adjectives inline with those opinions (ie: Magnificent, Terrible, etc, etc). This is pretty commonplace in all writing, the fact that you are leaning on this as a “smoking gun” only showcases your own bias or you just haven’t exposed yourself to a great deal of article. So are you being dishonest or are you just ignorant? You tell me — neither status helps elevate your argument and both mar any credibility you positioned yourself to have.

          They did it with Driveclub and The Order and are now doing the same thing with Horizon and Last Of Us 2!

          They did “what” exactly? Express excitement for exclusive titles for PlayStation? Please explain to me in detail with specifics HOW this is a bad thing?

          It’s so transparent it’s laughable!!

          The only thing transparent here is your utter bias against anything positive about Sony / PlayStation. LOL

          Your zeal in your comments dismisses your so called “objectivity”.

          • Oh jog on you silly little boy

          • That stretching of info is done by many a gaming website these days…

  6. not even worried……so many ppl are afraid of the Scorpio, that’s why we get click bait articles like this

    • who.. who’s scared of the scorpio… whats there to ACTUALLY be scared of loool…?

      • Yeah I’m wondering that too!

        It might be a bit faster than the current console I own, big whoop, not gonna lie awake at night over it!

        • i know righttt!!! These Xbox Scorpio players seem to forget that PC exists! loool… which has ALWAYS and will ALWAYS be the most powerful system available! Yet PC hasn’t got the library that shows off the power of the system either.. why cant people just understand its not about the power but it’s about the results!

    • @psi01:disqus

      Yeah Sony wasn’t worried when the Xbox 360 came out a year before the PS3 and the PS3 promised much more robust hardware (with a higher price point).

      How did that work out for Sony in the short and mid term? Eventually PS3 over took the Xbox 360 in sales, but it took many years.

      Getting to market first counts.

  7. The Scorpio itself is boost mode.

  8. The Scorpio itself is boost mode compared to the PS4 Pro.

    • @wobblypops46:disqus

      Here is the problem with your bold comment. It is devoid of economic realities. The reason why Sony targeted $399 price point is because that is a proven price point for consoles. One of the main reason Xbox One didn’t sell well on launch is because it cost $100 more.

      So MS will release Scorpio likely for a higher price than $399, which means sales will not be as robust. Guess what happens to all that 3rd party support for Scorpio if the Scorpio doesn’t sell well? It goes away.

      Sony being a bit more conservative with PS4 Pro hardware makes it much easier for 3rd parties to optimize games for PS4 Pro.

      Xbox One Scorpio is a different architecture that has more in common with PS4 than it does with Xbox One. So MS will have the hurdle of a higher price point which may limit the install base, which may limit 3rd party support which is already likely being limited by the fact that they now have 2 unique Xbox One skus to program for.

      I am betting there will be more PS4 Pro optimized games out there than Xbox One Scropio optimized games out there. The laws of economics will likely dictate this.

  9. Well probably in the same way that the Xbox One S did. It gave increased performance simply due to the increase in clock speeds for the cpu and gpu. It simply worked automatically and wasn’t given an option in the menu. Looks like someone forgot to do some research.

    • @Eagles83:disqus

      Likely that hardware was added for the image scaling, otherwise when you connected to a 4K TV you would suffer performance loss.

      • To me it sounds like you don’t know what you are talking about. Both the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro had bumps in the clock speed of both the CPU and GPU which is why the so-called “boost” is able to run some titles a little better……only those with variable frame rates. My point is valid because it is the same exact thing that is occuring.

  10. Scorpio doesn’t need a boost mode, the fact that a boost mode even exists is a huge fail for Sony. Sony’s PS4 API is so under baked that they had to replicated its GPU twice in the pro just in order to stay backwards compatible. Just like the S, the Scorpio will just run things faster just like when you swap a GPU for a newer model in your PC. Or in other words, games that doesn’t get special support for the Scorpio will probably get an up to X3 the PS4 Pro in boost mode.

    • @nadavziv:disqus — Utter nonsense!

      I will not debate that Sony’s API is likely not as robust as Xbox One’s API but we are a far cry from Sony in the PS3 days and a complete reversal of Sony from the PS2 days (when your developer units documentation was in Japanese and the developers just had to figure it out).

      There is a great deal more parity between PS4 and Xbox One when it comes to the API than there ever has been between PS and Xbox. Sony learned their lesson with the PS3 and the Vita marked a huge change for developers with an API that was useful, robust and offered a host of useful things for developers.

      The PS4 Pro’s configuration was very specific and designed not only to provide a decent boost to the specifications but also create a situation to make it very easy for 3rd parties to take advantage of the hardware. MS has mostly recreated their platform. Technically speaking one could call Xbox One Scorpio the start of the next generation. This will make it harder for development of all Xbox One software now, not just the Scorpio because developers will have 2 unique Xbox One skus to code for.

      Just adding more hardware doesn’t immediately have the desired results on the software. Which is why Sony and MS will have PS4 Pro and Scropio optimized games. If what you suggest is true — MS can just beef up their hardware and not worry about Boost Mode — what is the point of having Scorpio optimized software?

      Your own words betray any logic you thought you had.

      I appreciate you are a fan of the Xbox platform but you are not being honest here or worse you simply are ignorant to how these things work.

      • You are missing the point. “Boost mode” just allows the game to work as good as it can with the new GPU. Games still need to be fitted to the Pro and Scorpio if you really wanna take advantage of them. For instance Gears of war 4, that game is locked 30FPS at 1080P with some drops in resolution because the game utilizes dynamic resolution. With the Scorpio it will stay at 1080p all the time because you get X4 more powerful GPU but you still need to patch it to utilize the Scorpio if you want 4K for instance.

        Its like replacing the GPU in your PC with a better one but not changing anything in the game’s settings. You will get better performance but its not like higher quality shadows will magically appear. Thats why you still need to patch games, in order to take advantage of the new hardware.

  11. launch?……lol

  12. @Isaac Mallett

    Poor writing that makes the rash assumption that Microsoft can simply copy a feature into the Scorpio. The Scorpio is a different architecture than Xbox One. It will use GDDR5 unified memory and I think It may do away with the ESRAM (feel free to correct this point)?

    One of the reasons why Sony was able to implement boost mode on PS4 Pro was due to the fact that the PS4 and PS4 Pro are very similar architectures.

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