The Forecast For The Online Gaming Industry

It is no longer secret that most businesses are moving online these days and the gaming industry is doing so as well. Isn’t it logical that businesses move where their clients dwell? The Internet age has taken over and the industry for gaming is doing well online. This brings us to that point where we look into what the online gaming sphere has in store for this year.

The Internet gaming vogue – the tomorrow of online games


Casino games: this type of games creates a different genre of gaming on the internet and they continue to acquire more fame with time. Internet-based casino games can be easily described as the online emulation of the brick and mortar casino games that are known to us all. They offer an online platform that gives people the possibility to play games like poker, roulette, blackjack, slot games no deposit required and much more. These games may vary from the casual ones that you take part in just to get in-game points to the virtual games that you play with real cash to win more money. The growth in the popularity of this gaming genre is seen to be at a proportional rate with the growth of Internet access. In other words, the more Internet access becomes widespread with improved broadband speed, the more Internet-based casino games penetrates into the population of online gamers.

Free to play games: this is a different genre of internet gaming that has been a part of the online society right from the arrival of Internet and it doesn’t seem ready to let go.  If you are familiar with titles such as Age of Empires, then you definitely know what we are talking about here. However, other titles in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games took over when Age of Empires got shut down. The likes of League of Legends keep growing due to the possibility of being able to play without having to pay. In as much as it costs a lot of money to own a console before you can enjoy some certain games, there are still games worthy of everyone’s attention that can be accessed online for free – without a console. Check out some of the popular ones like trivia, games based on a puzzle, racing/driving, dressing up and cooking games.


E-sports and fantasy games: In as much as most services based online are adapting to a new life of application and mobile based platform, the Fantasy games still continue to flourish online. One of the main reasons for this might be because these games can allow multiple players from different locations to play simultaneously, which makes the internet and essential part of the gameplay. Considering the graphics required for creating alternate realities, a large bandwidth amount and reliable Internet speed is a must for players to enjoy the game.

The fact that there are little or no hindrances for players to enjoy these games (they are mostly free to play) makes the popularity of these games to keep growing.

As stated earlier that the more advanced technology gets, the more popular and sophisticated these game genres become. So it is worth looking out and getting ready to adapt to the advancements that the online gaming industry would experience in the nearest future. Some of these advancements would be made into e-sports, mobile gaming and virtual reality.



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