Playing Slots: Online vs. Land-Based Casino Experience

The Internet has truly revolutionized several aspects of our life. Slot games are no exception here, as the ability to go online has enabled players to experience slot games more often than before. The benefits of playing slot games online are immense, but that is not to say that land-based casinos can be completely eliminated.


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Advantages of Slot Games at Land-Based Casinos

The land-based casinos were always synonymous with slots and table games like blackjack, as they were seen as the ultimate destination to experience these games. The excitement provided by the land-based casinos still reigns supreme, as it is not just about the games. The aspect of travelling to a distant location and visiting a physical casino is regarded as a holiday by many. When inside the casino, it provides a fully immersive experience to the player with the help of music, people, and beverages going along with the games. It is something that will always have its appeal.

Advantages of Online Slots

The growth of Internet means that a player can receive the highest number of options with regard to slot games at an online casino. Due to the difficulty of getting a new title at a physical casino, players often prefer the online version in order to access the latest titles. The advantages are straight away obvious and they begin with the less amount of time it takes for a player to enjoy a slot game. Rather than troubling yourself with all the travel, it is now possible to experience the game in the comfort of your home. More and more online casinos are also becoming mobile-friendly, thus enabling the players to access several hundred slot titles from their smartphones.

Plenty of Options


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Land-based casinos offer a lot of variety when it comes to slot games, but they simply cannot match the online casinos in this regard. The top online casinos like casino cherry have almost every slot game from major publishers like Microgaming and Net Entertainment under their belt. Due to constraints of space and cost, land-based casinos often tend to take a while before they bring the latest titles to their floors. In an online casino, it is almost instant as they are available as soon as a publisher comes out with the launch.

At popular land-based casinos, it would not be surprising to witness long queues in order to play the slot games. Having to wait a long time just to experience a few minutes of gaming is not an ideal situation, and online casinos are quite brilliant in this regard, as they completely do away with the aspect of queueing. One can play the games whenever they like provided there is a stable Internet connection. Even if a thousand players are after the same game at the same time, it will not hold you back.


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Quick and Inexpensive Option

While land-based casinos provide the ambience to go along with the slot games, they can be quite an expensive proposition for someone who lives far away. Apart from having to bear the travel costs, they will invariably have to spend a huge sum of money on accommodation and food. This is in addition to the time they spend away from work. Hence, land-based casino slot games can prove to be a slow and expensive option compared to online slot games.

Playing for Free

There is a large amount of promotions going on for online casinos, and it is highly unlikely that these promotions will stop in the near future. One of the highlight elements of the promotion campaigns has to be the ability to play the games for free. A land-based casino does not offer this convenience, as a player has to stop gaming once they run out of chips. In the case of an online casino, it is possible to play the slot games for free. Of course, a player does not stand to win any money in this case but it is entertainment nonetheless.

Higher Payout Percentages

Those who play slot games with real money need to pay a lot of attention to payout percentages. Even though it does not mean a specific return on each spin, it can make a huge difference in terms of profitability for players who spend a lot of time on the games. Compared with slot games at land-based casinos, the options at online casinos have significantly higher payout percentages. Normally, the land-based casinos offer a figure of 85% as payout percentage, but this increases drastically to 95% – or even 99% – in the case of online slots. The substantial cost advantage of the online casinos enables them to provide highly attractive percentages whilst offering the same excitement and entertainment venues.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between an online casino or a land-based gambling venue is a matter of personal choice. One player may feel the need to go out and socialize, while another gambler may feel better placing bets from the comfort of their house. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s up to you to find out which is better for yo

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