Destiny Sequel Is Coming In 2017, First Details Given By Activision CEO Including Release Window

Activision’s CEO Eric Hirshberg shared the first details regarding the Destiny sequel during today’s financial conference call. He mentioned that development for the game is “going great” and that it’s still on track to release this fall, but no specific date or month was given.

He went on to explain how the new Destiny game will be accessible to the core and casual players of Destiny. It was also mentioned that Destiny’s sequel will have “a great cast of memorable, relatable characters” and also have a “great cinematic story”

He finished by saying that Activision is “very excited about the game”

Are you excited for the new Destiny sequel coming this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Not excited one bit. I was so excited for the first game and I did enjoy it. But it felt like it lacked so much content and could have give us more. Was also over hyped too. I skipped the expansions cos those should have been added to the main game to make it feel better but instead were overpriced. So much money for so little in return.

    Thankfully sold my copy and re-bought the taken king for the same price and got the whole package for the price it should have been

    Learnt my mistake, won’t fall for it again. It’s a good shooter and does it well, but there’s so many things that let me down in the first game. I expected more from that game. A lot more. So will keep my eye on this one and see what they do differently but I hope they don’t repeat the same mistakes. Would be nice to control the ship ourselves too

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