Horizon Zero Dawn Review Embargo Date Revealed; When Are Reviews Coming?

Horizon Zero Dawn has been an extremely anticipated PS4 exclusive, and many are waiting to hear what the official verdict is for the game. You won’t have to wait too long, as the embargo is actually quite early for this title which is also very positive news to hear, and shows that Sony has confidence in the release.

Reviews will arrive on February 20th. No official time has been given yet, but we will update with exact times when we find out the information.

Until then let us know in the comments section below if you’re excited for the release of┬áHorizon Zero Dawn, and whether the early embargo has given you more confidence in the game.

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  1. Generally, review embargoes give me less confidence that the game will actually be good.

    • Pretty much every AAA game has a review embargo. The only ones that should worry you are the ones that don’t allow reviews until the day of or day before the game launches. Horizon’s review embargo lifts over a week before launch. That tells me that they have a lot of confidence that the game is going to be great. I mean if it was bad that would give people a whole week to go cancel their pre orders.

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