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There are so many games releasing every week in today’s market that it’s only common sense that not everyone will take notice of each one. Some games that have a simple look to them are especially bound to be overlooked which sometimes is unfortunate. Some of the most simple games have turned out to be some of the best games and one such game that perfectly fits this description is Linelight which is the first game from indie studio My Dog Zorro. Linelight has been winning awards at various indie shows for some time now but it’s just now releasing on PlayStation 4 and it deserves your attention.


Linelight is a very minimalist kind of game due to it’s simple and basic visual style. At first glance it just seems like a game about moving a light around through lanes of lines. While that is what it is there is much more to it than that as you quickly discover upon starting the game. You have to guide this line through these maze like levels while collecting orbs along the way. To do so you’ll have to avoid other lines that will kill you if you touch them and solve various puzzles using different mechanisms. These mechanisms are pretty simple in the first world. In some areas you’ll have to hit a switch that raises part of the line path that will then allow you to divert an enemy line out of your way. In some other areas you’ll have to gather a key that you then need to get back to a lock that will allow you to progress. There are six worlds in total and each one introduces new mechanics to overcome.


The game never really feels too tough or caused me to get stuck because it teaches you so well along the way. Some puzzles had me stop and think a little on how to move past it but thanks to a prior area that usually taught me about this particular mechanic I was never stuck there too long. It’s a testament to the great game design here and pretty impressive for this being My Dog Zorro’s first game. The game will last you several hours and has a pretty good ending as well. After beating the game you can play some extra levels and hidden levels which are harder then what you found in the six worlds. It was a nice bonus set of challenges that adds more replay value to the game and was much appreciated. The game has a full set of trophies on PS4 including a Platinum and you’ll have to collect all of the orbs in all the levels and beat the extra levels as well to earn them all.


Visually like I said the game is very simple but that doesn’t take anything away from the game. Everything is very clean and sharp. The game does have a few technical issues which consists mainly of some minor framerate issues in certain sections of the game. Certain sections require some precise controls and the framerate drops in these sections can be a little frustrating. Hopefully they can be ironed out with a patch. Music in the game is also a high point as it has a soothing soundtrack that really makes the game much more relaxing. If you had a stressful day and are looking for a way to wind down Linelight is one of the most tranquil games I’ve played and the soundtrack is a big part of that.

Linelight doesn’t bring anything new to the puzzle genre necessarily but it does just about everything perfectly. It’s got great puzzle design that gives you a rewarding feeling when you overcome its obstacles and unlock that next world. It’s got such a relaxing soundtrack and visual style that will help relieve you of any stress you might be under. It’s at a great price point that makes it affordable for anyone to check out and you should. My Dog Zorro should be very proud of this first accomplishment and I can’t wait to see where they go next.

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  • Great Puzzle Design
  • Wonderful, Relaxing Soundtrack
  • Effective Minimumlist Art Style


  • Minor Technical Issues
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