PlayStation Plus March 2017 Predictions

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I know you are probably just now starting to play the February 2017 PlayStation Plus titles but since this is a short month it’s time to start thinking about what we might get for free in March. The February lineup was pretty good as it gave us LittleBigPlanet 3 which in addition to the story levels it has over 10 million user created levels. Not a Hero was a pretty good indie game as well. So what kind of games might we get in March? That is what we are here to look at and to make a few predictions about.

1. Fat Princess Adventures


Created by Sony Santa Monica and FunBits, Fat Princess Adventures was a different take on the Fat Princess formula. While the original game was a multiplayer game where you had to try and capture the opposing teams Princess this game is more of a Diablo like game. It’s an action/adventure RPG where you battle through the world, level up your character and collect loot and you can do it with up to four friends. It would make for a great addition to the lineup and help more people get to experience this overlooked gem in my opinion. Make it cake for everyone in March Sony.

2. Alienation


Another great game that I could see in the lineup next month is the great co-op shooter from Housemarque, Alienation. This was Housemarque’s second PS4 game after their PS4 launch title Resogun which was free for Plus members at release. Alienation is a top down shooter where you can team up with four friends to fight off aliens while collecting better gear and upgrading your class. While Resogun was viewed as a hit Alienation seemed like it wasn’t as well received. Despite that it’s a great title and one that more players should get to check out.

3. The Order: 1886


With the release of LittleBigPlanet 3 in this month’s lineup maybe we will see yet another first party game from Sony and I think it could be The Order: 1886. Now The Order had it’s issues and probably shouldn’t have been a $60 title when it came out back in 2015 but I do think it’s worth playing. There are issues in the game design as well with a lot of forced slow walking sections and certain weapons only being able to be used in certain parts of the game. I do think the story of the game was pretty good and it set up a lot of things for a possible sequel. While we don’t know if we will ever get a sequel I do think those who haven’t gotten to play this game should have a chance to. If nothing else it’s one of the best looking games on the PlayStation 4 at least.

4. Abzu


I mentioned this last month but I’ve noticed that Sony pulls a lot of the free indie games they give away from certain promotions they do throughout the year. Both the Launch Party lineup and the PSN Play lineup games frequently end up in the PlayStation Plus lineup after sometime. I think Abzu from last Summer’s PSN Play lineup could hit Plus next month. The game has now been out for around seven to eight months and I don’t think it sold as well as maybe some expected it to. The game was probably a little bit too much like Journey that many I think felt like they didn’t need another one of those. Abzu just seems like one of those types of games that ends up on Plus and I think now could be that time.

So those are just some of the titles I think have a good chance of showing up in next month’s lineup. We will hear the full lineup in the next couple of weeks but in the meantime tell us what you think. Do you want any of the above titles? What titles do you want to see in the March 2017 lineup? Let us know in the comments below.

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    • Psplus is the biggest piece of shit ever. February games lol. Low life pony’s

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