Incredible Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshots Leaked Early; First Look At The Cauldrons

New images of Horizon Zero Dawn has leaked out early, and shows off Cauldrons which are the games dungeons. As you can see below, these images are incredible.

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What do you think of the leaked images? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Absolutely phenomenal graphics, this game will be the best looking open world game ever made, the PS4 Pro version will be even better.

  2. State of the Art!

  3. I had this game pre-ordered with amazon prime and %15 discount plus free shipping but ended up cancelling it because I honestly don’t have faith in Guerrilla Games. Because they are good at making things look pretty but they have never made a single game that I enjoyed.

    If it turns out to be good I’ll just pick it up on the bargain bin by the end of the year or maybe next year. I’m pretty burned out on open-world games anyway.

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