For Honor Servers Having Many Major Issues Already – Requirements Not Met, Matchmaking Failed, Not The Party Leader Errors

For Honor only just released today, and as expected, it’s already having major server issues with users posting at least three different errors they are getting which we will reveal in this article.

Requirements Not Met

Here is a tweet which shows an image of what this error looks like.

Matchmaking Failed

Not The Party Leader

This error has been happening to many people, and a fix has been revealed that is working for many people which is to leave the party twice and rejoin. Although this is not working for everyone. 

It’s a shame to see that there’s so many errors and issues happening in For Honor already, and we hope Ubisoft are looking into the issues as many people have been unable to play the game at all today. 

If you are having any of these issues or something not mentioned here, please let us know in the comments section below so we can keep everyone updated. 


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  1. Same. While in the closed beta it wasn’t bad, once the open beta came it became terrible. I stopped playing the game entirely because it was starting to feel tedius. I loved the game, it is awesome. Too bad everything else is terrible.

  2. I had a lot of issues while playing the open beta. So I decided to hold off. Looks like it was right decision.

  3. Are any of you surprised? It’s online only and its Ubisoft. Seriously, stop buying their games.

  4. Bought the game, beat story mode, decided to play multiplayer, sat in queue for 20 minutes, rejoined queue 4 more times, logged off….

    next day, joined queue, got 2 games in a row after about a 10 minute wait for each, now i’m getting matchmaking failed, returning to main menu… really? 60 bucks for a game that wont let me play it.. cool º¿º

  5. Why are we still having server issues with this game Ubisoft? Failed connections, poor matchmaking and critical errors should have all been addressed through the various alpha/beta/stress tests. Its high time you looked at your dwindling customer base and started pulling your finger out.

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